With the recent upsurge in tourism worldwide, the Airbnb accommodation sector has become a thriving industry. As a result, the demand for Airbnb accommodations is poised for further growth, attracting an increasing number of individuals interested in entering this lucrative market.

?How can a new entrepreneur make a decision on the ideal location to open an Airbnb?

?What are the essential factors that should be considered before investing in an Airbnb property?

?Which Features have an impact on the user’s rating for the Airbnb?

?Meanwhile, for travelers, particularly first-timers, choosing the right Airbnb from a plethora of options can be challenging. Since Airbnb reviews are subjective and vary from person to person, they cannot be the sole basis for decision-making. It is crucial to take into account other aspects such as price, neighborhood, room type and number of bedrooms as they can significantly influence one’s overall experience of the city or country.