In the Introductory Studio G3: The Workspace of the Future, our group designed for a given client, Heura Foods, in a given site, Nova Bocana. Our design ideas were generated from the current missions of the company. The design proposal was not only a workspace for the employees, but a food playground for the community.

An Heura employee’s day at the office in 2050

So, what is HEURA doing in 2022?

  1. Offering products that are 100% plant-based, sustainable, healthy and with a WOW flavour.
  2. Created as a social mission-turned-business which would empower people to change the current food system to a more sustainable, healthy, and nutritious one.
  3. Products live and breathe Mediterranean heritage and cuisine – Using high-quality ingredients like olive oil, which have a clean label, high nutritional values, and an incredible taste.

Heura’s workspace of the future is a…


What do we mean by ‘FOOD PLAYGROUND’?

‘FOOD PLAYGROUND’ is an experimental escapade to investigate new food technologies whilst encouraging the community to involve in Heura’s food revolution.

Where does this ‘FOOD PLAYGROUND’ happen?

There were three main urban problems of our existing building, so we suggested one solution for each to form our urban proposal.

Problem 1: Lack of activities

Solution: Node creation to generate activities along the site

Problem 2: Lack of visual porosity

Solution: Pockets creation for visual porosity

Problem 3: No access towards the bay area

Solution: Promenade creation along the bay

And so, our urban proposal for Heura’s FOOD PLAYGROUND now looks like…

Urban Proposal

How do we start zoning the main spaces in our site?

Sectional Zoning
Detailed Zoning
Food Playground Layer

How is it like working at Heura’s ‘Food Playground’ in 2050?

Robotic arms are picking and harvesting crops in the aeroponic farms. Floating screens are everywhere in both office and lab to make work more efficient.

Food Lab
Collaborative Space
Informal Zone

What kind of  Food Cultures can the community enjoy here?

Based on our demographic research, we summarised six main regions, East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, Europe and Arab, for which we decided to implement their cuisine in our urban kitchen. Thus we defined that all the food rituals came together to become a “melting pot of ethnicity”.

How does Heura’s URBAN KITCHEN work?

Urban Kitchen Areas
Urban Kitchen System
Cultural Dining Space
Experiential Dining Cube

HEURA’s ‘Workspace of the Future’ looks like…