A Structural Analysis of Urban Lego

Peaceful Parasites is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and focuses on stitching back a scared urban landscape created by the conflicts of the recent troubles. It re-imagines a use of the existing dividing walls to create a more cohesive future.

The structural analysis follows a four step process.

Step 1 : A Ribbon Shell is created from the algorithm

Step 2: Optimise and thicken Ribbon’s shell structure

Step 3: Aggregate parts to ribbon, thicker areas receive more parts

Step 4: Optimise sample portion of Lego

We used a two step optimisation strategy starting with an evolutionary solver to determine the ideal support positions, followed by a cross section optimisation.
We looked at maximum displacement, utilisation, mass and natural vibration frequency. An analysis was also done on buckling.

A comparison of wall heights (source: www.internationalfundforireland.com/peace-walls-programme)