The Postgraduate in 3D Printing Architecture is a 6-month long intensive programme in the field of additive manufacturing of sustainable architecture. Between the use of advanced technology for construction and the desire to develop a holistic design approach to architecture, we engage with different areas of research that include robotic manufacturing, material research and performance-based design. The programme seeks to develop technological and architectural solutions in collaboration with Industry partners to answer the current needs and challenges of our habitat.

Ventilation Cavities In Walls For Uniform Dehumidification And Indoor Ventilation

General presentation of the research Knowing that the printed geometries require a drying time that forces to limit the daily printed layers, thus slowing the construction process and increasing the financial cost, the aim of this research was to find a system that would increase the drying time and then faster the process. The research … Read more

Vertical Openings

This research focuses on the exploration of vertical openings in 3D printed earthen walls. It seeks to answer the question: How to construct medium and large vertical openings in earth 3D printing, providing a maximum opening ratio while minimizing mass and material usage? The objectives of this research are:

MEP Systems within 3D Printed Earth Wall Structures

The research focuses on investigating the integration of MEP integration systems (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) within 3D printed Earth walls. Through a comprehensive exploration of wall discontinuities and cavity design, we aim to understand how these design elements can be combined to achieve a seamless integration of MEP systems throughout both the design and construction … Read more