The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Reimagining the Bayfront Pavilion

The Bayfront Pavillion redefines architectural boundaries, featuring cutting-edge sustainable materials and dynamic design elements. Its fluid contours echo the surrounding environment, promoting harmony with nature. Functionality meets elegance in this pavilion, boasting versatile spaces adaptable for cultural events, exhibitions, and communal gatherings. The UTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory has ingeniously engineered a landmark that not only … Read more

Living Parts: Architectural Members for the Age of Biology

Transforming Conventional Architectural Element Compositions for CO2 Sequestration/ecological interactions Living Parts is a project that tries to bridge the gap between anthropocentric and nature-centric design. As we already know that that the building industry, in the past couple of centuries has caused major harm to the environment with things like producing toxic waste, waste energy, … Read more

RED SEA – 2050

G4-STUDIO, KIN INFRASTRUCTURE ABSTRACT: The Red Sea 2050 Architectural Project presents an innovative and sustainable approach to coral reef conservation. Focused on education and design interventions, the project addresses the urgent need to safeguard coral ecosystems. The conceptual framework involves the creation of modular panels—both large and small—deployed as coral farming plates. This approach allows … Read more


Manifesto “Verdenlace” is an urban park situated in Les Corts, designed to reconnect individuals with biodiversity while encouraging community participation through architectural interventions. The park’s functions aim to foster esteem and self-actualization among users. The structural form is derived from multiple aggregations and iterations of a simple module, adapting the space based on various parameters … Read more


“First Life, then Spaces, then Buildings, the other way around never works” – Jan Gehl The proposal is an intervention at the site situated in Diagonal Mar, neighborhood, inspired from the fundamental idea of Placemaking. The intervention goes beyond development, aiming to activate the site and create a vibrant community. Grounded in functionality, the approach … Read more

Restorative Marine Eco-vessel

A migratory eco-vessel designed to nurture multiscalar habitats, fostering diverse species settlements for enhanced biodiversity and marine environment restoration. Drawing inspiration from mussels’ bioregulatory nature, this design targets eutrophication in the Mediterranean, offering an adaptive, nature-based solution that grows and learns with the ecosystem.


Marine Oasis Creation Through Plastic Decomposition Implementing a Symbiotic Relationship with Aspergillus Fungi To Restore Ocean Deserts Keywords: Plastic decomposition | Aspergillus fungi | Lichen | Cyanobacteria | Marine ecosystem | Garbage Patch | Degrowth | Coral reefs | Ocean deserts | Habitat restoration The DecompAsper stands out as an innovative device that, through the synergistic … Read more


Multi-material Additive Manufacturing solutions. CONTEXT The synergy between clay additive manufacturing and computational design has revolutionized construction, bridging the gap between project design and production. This integration has established a direct-design-build system, facilitating seamless translation of intricate designs into physical structures with precision and speed. This transformative approach enables complex geometries, customization, and cost-effective sustainability … Read more

“Verde Vallis” Curated Jungle in Vallcarca

‘The Vallcarquians, in a parenthesis born of destruction, symbolize persistence against speculation.’ Verde Vallis aims to reappropriate flora as a tool for reclamation and regeneration in Vallcarca. Learning from Vallcarquian panarchy and the dynamics of this complex ecosystem in response to disturbance and change and taking advantage of the abundance of flora on site, Verde … Read more

Environmental Analysis: Mexico City

Our environmental analysis focused on the unique case of Mexico City, a captivating subject due to its distinctive geographical conditions, being built over the “Lago de Texcoco”. The first is a stable climate season marked by regular weather conditions, while the second is an extreme heat season. This observation underscores the complexity of Mexico City’s … Read more

Synergy Station

”Turning waste Into communal wealth”. About the site Sant Adria de Besos Power Station is currently working as a combined cycle thermoelectric plant located in Sant Adrià de Besòs, suburb of Barcelona. Today, the plant burns a significant part of Barcelona and Badalona’s waste, and 85% of which is recyclable. Moreover the gases released when … Read more

Fantastic Plastic

The Urban Re densification project in Barcelona employs a Plastic Waste recycling construction strategy, where buildings gradually grow by consuming the city s plastic waste in a circular loop, creating a lightweight, dynamic, and adaptable architecture that operates in harmony with the existing waste ecosystem to revitalize derelict urban areas. Site Analysis The site is … Read more


PERE IV, SANT MARTI41.410461, 2.203936 MANIFESTO In the heart of Barcelona’s ecological transition, the project at Carrer de Pere IV, 380, embodies a vision of regenerative design that breathes life into the site, offering a diverse array of ecological services. It’s a living showcase of ecological culture, an oasis in the heart of cities where … Read more


Future of Tarragona Refinery The contemporary power station plays a substantial role within the cityscape, serving not only as a primary energy generator but also as a cornerstone in the intricate tapestry of urban planning. What implications might this massive infrastructure have on the future trajectory of the city’s urban development? About the Site The … Read more

Timber Lattice – Evolutionary Structural Optimization

The purpose of the study is to investigate a potential solution for the increasing urban expansion in Cairo’s informal settlements.Could a timber lattice system growing vertically on the roofs of the urban context offer the programmatic growth needed for the community? With different architectural applications depending on the program such as residential, community facilities and … Read more


The symbiotic coexistence of humans, flora and fauna within our cities is the cornerstone of a sustainable and harmonious future.    Through a meticulous analysis of data extracted from the site and a comprehensive understanding of Barcelona’s climatic conditions, our visionary project sets its sights on the future, envisioning Barcelona in the year 2050 as a … Read more


ABSTRACT 2050 INHABITANT STATEGIES While accurately predicting the state of mental health in the year 2050 is challenging, various indicators suggest a potential decline in the overall well-being of the population. This trend is notably pronounced in urban areas, attributable to congestion and limited access to nature and green spaces. The issue of mental health … Read more

AQUAPONIA I 2050 Hydroscape

STATEMENT Proposing an eco-conscious water management system through metabolic water treatment for co-living communities, this innovation project aims to repurpose water usages, effectively saving energy and optimizing resource allocation for wastewater management. ABSTRACT Our vision is to redefine the future of urban living by fostering sustainable activities that align together with the smart use of … Read more


STUDIO – G4 KIN INFRASTRUCTURES The Dolphin Defender is an innovative underwater floating structure situated in international waters near Japan, designed to address various marine challenges and foster ecological balance. . With a depth of 200 meters, equipped with advanced sonar tracking, the Dolphin Defender serves as a vigilant guardian, detecting ships and boats in … Read more

Urban Block in Gdansk – Environmental Analysis

Context The city that we selected for our project was Gda?sk – a city in Europe, in northern Poland with a coastal and temperate climate. We looked closely at temperature, humidity, radiation, and wind during our research on the local climate conditions. Climate analysis Gdansk experiences a moderate climate with warm, but not excessively hot … Read more