The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.

Material stories : Timber

This is an exploration of the material impact of the timber industry compared to our personal studio project re(al)form. Environmental impact phases Which lifecycle phases of our project set us apart from the traditional timber industry? Tackled issues Transportation and manufacturing Summing up – where do we stand?


Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | General Information Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | Chemical Composition Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | Physical Properties, Source: ISCURO Building a System of PartsShaping the Block | Assembly Details Building a System of PartsManufacturing Experiments | Experiment Catalogue Building a System of PartsManufacturing Experiments | Positive Iterations Building a System ... Read more


Types of Reusable Wood Sawdust as a by product Thesis Statement The objective of this thesis is to investigate the use of sawdust based biocomposite materials in the additive manufacturing of interlocking bricks.EcoBrickscape aims to develop a workflow that facilitates the generation of customizable shapes and infill designs for the bricks, enabling efficient fabrication and assembly. The study … Read more

Democratizing Architectural Design: A Participatory Approach through AI

The democratization of the design process through artificial intelligence is the focus of my Master’s thesis. Recent advancements in AI have revolutionized the field of architecture by making it more accessible and inclusive. The necessity for years of experience with professional software is no longer a barrier, as text-to-image AI systems enable non-experts to visualize … Read more


Morph_Designer is a project that researches the potential of available building footprint morphological data, and how this can become a design-aid tool in architectural practices, aiming to give a new scope of data driven design that can be used globally. “Architecture and the city are mutually constitutive, each influencing and shaping the other in a … Read more

Reinforcement Learning

Group 5 How can apartment typologies be designed to create communities within buildings, addressing social exclusion and isolation caused by modernist architecture?  Can reinforcement learning be used to optimize the distribution of public and private spaces, such as apartments, balconies, patios, and courtyards, to create sub-communities within the building.

Naturaleza +

Devolviéndole la Naturaleza a la ciudad. Durante el desarrollo de Taller 1 se había planteado la problemática de manera clara: La planificación urbana que no tiene en cuenta los servicios ecosistémicos consolida la desigualdad espacial y económica, profundiza la pobreza, disminuye la calidad de vida de personas y otras especies y degrada el suelo, el … Read more


The aim of the research is to investigate the feasibility of using plywood in a hybrid bending active system. The system will integrate restraining elements for both bending actuation and stiffening of the structure, developing a method for scaling up active bending in lightweight construction. Context_Framework Context_Structural lumber Context_Lightweight construction The investigation of lightweight structures … Read more

Beyond Verticality

An Exquisite Corpse Report on Urban Form ABSTRACT IntroductionWith our work in this term we produced a multitude of drawings and images, watched and analyzed multiple movies, read multiple texts and came up with iterations and speculations. The common through line of all of these was the exploration of the nature of beyond-vertical forms of … Read more

Proposal for Enhancement of Semantic Segmentation Model for Architectural Purposes

The current semantic segmentation model for ControlNet provides a list of usable materials, but they are not specific enough for architectural purposes. By generating new tokens (colours) that extend the existing model with new material types, we aim to improve the process by which stable diffusion operates and make it more suitable for architecture applications.

Beyond Corals

The recent climate changes are affecting key elements of our ecosystem such as tropical forest, deserts, and coral reefs. Corals are living organisms, closely related to jellyfish that live in colonies. The size of those colonies can vary, the largest coral reef to date, the great barrier is estimated to stretch over 2300 kilometers. There … Read more

| RE.Print (Term 02)

for the previous term work refer : |Global Scenario The building system was was fragmented to 3 systems, each with a unique purpose.  Module A-the wall ensemble: focused on creating a modular wall system that would reduce dead load and offer versatile functionality. Module B-the column ensemble: was designed to utilize the material’s compressive … Read more

Forces of Nature: Tensile Structure

CONCEPT The project aims to tensile structures that are architectural designs which use tension to provide structural support and stability, often characterized by their lightweight and flexible nature. These structures are used in a wide range of applications, from large-scale event venues to small-scale residential and commercial buildings. Frei Otto The research begins with a … Read more

The Cultural Canvas

An art and community center designed to foster artistic and cultural activities in a community, through a geometrically evolved design that integrates with the surrounding environment. It serves as a hub for creative expression, social and cultural exchange, providing space for exhibitions, performances, workshops, and community events. The center’s architecture combines functionality with artistic expression, creating a space … Read more

The beginning of an end

How to inhabit the ends of the world? Abstract The end of the world does not take place once but rather over and over again in numerous manners over the period of time that the universe has existed in the chaotic cosmos. These ends of the world are more often than not categorised as mass … Read more

Paradise Lost-The Ground Tour of Sin-topia

A theory study on exploring new forms for social norms of deregulations in 21st century CRITICAL THINKING: We have conceived a lot of ideal utopian cities from ancient times to the present, but the imagination of modern utopia has led to various real social problems in society and urban, like the irrepressible criminal underclass, the … Read more


How Artificial Intelligence Is Reformulating The Notion Of Authorship In Architecture? Also published here: Abstract Cosmic Dust Laboratory (CDL) is an experimental startup where humans and Artificial Intelligence Systems work together to come up with new architectural solutions for Extreme Climates and Conditions in Monegros Desert. An eloquent sponsor named Hannah goes to CDL … Read more