The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Underwater vessel

Shapediver is a tool that allows quick and effective exploration of a geometry without having to use grasshopper or any other software. In this project Shapediver, was used to generate a catalogue of underwater vessels. Several parameters such as object height, number of layers, and maximum surface were used to determine the most optimal shapes … Read more

forkLOAD Tessellations

forkLOAD Tessellations aims to utilize Shapediver to create a visualization software for clients to select a variety of parameters on a dome structure. This dome structure is created with a tessellating pattern of hegagons and squares. The user is able to select from a variety of scales of patterns, shape of arch, and a variety … Read more

Material stories : Timber

This is an exploration of the material impact of the timber industry compared to our personal studio project re(al)form. Environmental impact phases Which lifecycle phases of our project set us apart from the traditional timber industry? Tackled issues Transportation and manufacturing Summing up – where do we stand?

Shape Driver Chair

ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. This project is aimed at creating a chair in shape diver platform where the users can customize the design and size by using the provided parameters like The Size of the Seat, The Material Thickness, the Chair’s Width etc., however, they like. are.


Heat is a form of energy that can be transferred between objects or systems due to a temperature difference. It is a manifestation of the internal energy of a substance or a system, resulting in the motion of its constituent particles. Heat can be transferred through three main mechanisms Phase 1_Device How can we control … Read more

HIVE :  A Paradigm Shift in Homelessness Solutions

Zack Eisenberg Advanced Manufacturing Hive: A Paradigm Shift in Homelessness Solutions” is an in-depth investigation into innovative approaches to combat homelessness, leveraging my specialization in Housing for the Homeless and the nuanced analysis of historical data. As the homelessness crisis amplifies, Hive offers an empathetic and practical solution. Its uniqueness lies in transcending the conventional … Read more


A Workflow to Repurpose Tree Forks Hand fabrication or Japanese joineries have high customization and are very precise when done by a professional. This method’s drawbacks include the intense physical labor required and the amount of time it takes to master the craft. CNC Milling machines range from 3 to 5 axis and are a … Read more

ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Abstract Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more

Mangrove TermVillage

A Dynamic AquaTherm Mangrove Community A dynamic model of hospitality in the coastal area of ​​Colonia de St. Jordi in Mallorca, Punta del Tort, where temperatures ranging from -2 to 38.4 degrees, strong winds, and intense sun, shape the environment. Embracing the concept of thermal experiences, the AquaTherm Mangrove connects guests with the natural environment … Read more

Digital Woodcraft

Location Site Synthesis of ideas Final proposal was based on the ideas of the group projects from previous semester. The task was to identify key elements of each design and combine them in project. Design proposal Fabrication Connection to the rocks Base beam and supports base beam base beam elements supports Sitting area Side beams … Read more

DESIRE – DESIgn for REassembly

Abstract The project’s purpose is to design two different proposals where bricks and timber if cross-section 45mmx90mm are used as materials for both constructions. A study of fabrication process, creating connections and ways of assembly-disassembly structures. Proposal A CONCEPTBrick and Timber Concept Design – V3 Digital Exploration Design objective: Use the same amount of material … Read more

Discrete Assemblies

TWO COLUMNS ABSTRACT In this course we explored the strategies of modular construction using Gilles Retsin’s modules. Through strategies of stacking and post-tensioning we explored the opportunities and limitations of the module. We began by assembling the module and constructing a beam element where we pushed the limitations of maunal post tensioning. Afterwards, using Midjourney … Read more

Made By You

The Problem According to the World Bank, approximately 68% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa resides in urban areas. Similarly the International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlights the concentration of furniture imports in urban areas, causing a surge in furniture prices. For locally fabricated furniture, high production costs and inefficient supply chains contribute to expensive furniture … Read more

Wire Wonders

wire wonders

WELCOME TO THE WIRE WONDERS MANUAL! We are excited to have you onboard, we will help you to fabricate a lamp with the help of augmented reality. This technology will allow you to overlap digital information into physical spaces, making it easy to visualize and analyze the steps to follow the fabrication process. To get … Read more




Can the use of active bending in wood in combination with a tensioning system increase the structural stiffness of a multilayered double curved skin while also acting as an alternative assembly system? context_wood construction context_active bending context_behavior based geometry state of art_ analysis state of art_conclusions design_characteristics future steps

Form Follows Availability

The construction industry is the number one consumer of global raw materials while being one of the biggest producers of waste in the European Union.In this Research, we aim to explore the possibilities of secondary waste wood (Pallets) based on the notion of discreteness and develop a “Programmable Matter System”.These discrete building blocks can be … Read more

Lignum Penumbra

FORCES OF NATURE The term “Lignum” refers to wood, emphasizing the material used in the pavilion’s construction. “Penumbra” refers to the partially shaded area around the edge of a shadow, which could suggest the way the pavilion’s design incorporates light and shadow. Pseudo Code Final Result ‘Lignum Penumbra’ is a project that celebrates the natural … Read more