During the first six months in the program, students are comprehensively trained in the principles of design and construction of advanced ecological buildings through a series of focused and intense modules, which include material production, thermal and metabolic building systems, ecological structures and façade systems and much more. After developing the necessary skills and a holistic understanding of advanced and ecological design, students collectively draft and build a full scale ecological building prototype.

Echo house | Project media

As part of the media project class, we received tools for presenting architectural projects in a more interesting and convincing manner. We experimented with two types of media: a documentary-style video based on interviews and rendering using Lumion. We practiced these tools on our semester project, Echo House, which focuses on the combination of housing … Read more

Project media

About. Project media | The course proposes examining the dynamic between individual designers and the collectives they serve, positioning designers as advocates for impactful change. Through personal narrative development and collective campaigning strategies, the course aims to empower designers to influence the built environment positively. It focuses on developing both conceptual and practical skills necessary … Read more

Zero Waste Project| Project Media

An important tool for illustrating a project’s potential is visualization. Architectural visualization clearly conveys the project’s design concept through intricate 3D renderings and animations, enabling stakeholders to understand the development’s potential and vision. Through the use of sophisticated rendering techniques, visualization offers viewers accurate representations of architectural elements, materials, and lighting conditions, allowing them to … Read more

Project Media | La Obertura

The Project Media class had two different focuses: video production and image production. Both are related to narrative, how videos and images are capable of telling a story and enhancing an architectural project in order to make it more powerful. The first task we had was the video footage. In order to relate with our … Read more