resiTONAK is a pioneering housing solution that reinvents student living, fusing affordability, sustainability, and community connectivity. With a module budget under $100,000 and a compact footprint of less than 400 square feet, resiTONAK sets a new standard for student living by using 3d printing to develop an architecture that responds to climate and challenges living standards by proposing fragmented spatial layouts that foster the use of shared function. 

The selectively porous concrete walls are derived from a parametric printing pattern, enabling a perforation pattern that maximizes the penetration of daylight while controlling heat gain: the orientation of the geometry welcomes the morning winter south east heat, while blocking the afternoon and vertical rays to the south west.” This feature enhances the living experience and promotes student well-being while minimizing energy consumption.

The open, timber-framed, butterfly roof design also facilitates optimal ventilation, creating a well-ventilated and comfortable living environment. A three-foot roof overhang serves as a natural shading element, shielding residents from intense overhead sunlight and contributes to the passive climate control systems. This design ensures a sustainable and adaptable living space, meeting the diverse needs of students. 

Communal spaces are seamlessly integrated, featuring vegetable gardens, and outdoor cooking and dining areas. These shared spaces foster community interactions, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide residents with opportunities to engage in communal activities. Communal gardens not only contribute to sustainability but also empower residents to actively participate in food cultivation, and provide green areas of refuge to facilitate good mental health.

Common walkways, adorned with pergolas linking all roofs together, create a connected

network controlling sun exposure in the shared outdoor spaces. This design element serves a dual purpose: offering sheltered pathways between units and ensuring a comfortable environment for communal gatherings and activities.

resiTONAK’s floor plan and grid spacing also allows for continuous printing on ICON’s Falcon print bed, enabling the formation of extended neighborhoods of any size. This scalability ensures adaptation to various urban and rural contexts, providing a flexible solution for growing student populations.

3D-printing permits a holistic approach to student housing, and resiTONAK demonstrates that affordability, sustainability, and community-centric design can easily coexist. This project not only meets the practical needs of students but also creates a blueprint for other residential neighborhoods, proving that innovation in housing can be both accessible and scalable. resiTONAK is not just another housing solution; it is a catalyst for reimagined living in a site-specific, mass-customized way, doing away with standardized designs and made possible only with the use of ICON’s 3D-printing technology.