Thesis Statement

Poor quality health services is an emerging  phenomenon in low, middle and even high income countries. The situation is worse in low and middle-income countries where 10 percent of hospitalized patients can acquire an infection during their stay, as compared to seven percent in high income countries. 
Moreover, the situation is even more dire in regions undergoing humanitarian emergencies, where the whole health system collapses. This leads to an increase in the risk of infections arising from trauma, surgery, wound care and childbirth, as well as infectious diseases.

” The aim of this research is to develop a biomaterial composed of salt that could be obtained from naturally saline water bodies or from desalination brine discharges and then utilized to build alternative healthcare  facilities, as salt has an antimicrobial property along with various health benefits. Reduced salinity in water bodies where brine discharges are introduced is a complementary benefit. ”

Therapy using Salt / Speleotherapy

‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort

State of the Art

Simulation of Vertical Manual Extrusion
Simulation of Horizontal Manual Extrusion
45 Degrees Inclination
60 Degrees Inclination
60 Degrees Double Inclination
Spatial Extrusion Trial
Spatial Deposition Trial