Timber Showroom in Trento

The Project investigates generative design approaches for optimizing timber construction Systems on both The Support’s level (Tree structure that distributes puncture forces and achieves wider spans) and the Slab’s level (generative Timber Slab reinforcement that follows the Principle Moment Lines generated from FE simulations on pre-given Supports). The objective of the project is to optimize the System to maximize the Structural spans while minimizing the resulting Mass/ CO2 footprint

The City of Trento in northern Italy was chosen as the location of the Project due to its well-known timber production region which will decrease the project’s carbon footprint drastically because the whole process from harvesting to production and construction is just within 50-70km.

The architectural concept is to showcase the region’s production and innovation capabilities by populating the harsh leftover Cliff Sides (Villages) in a way that harmonizes with nature and shows/encourages the craftsmanship of the locals.

Tree/Sandwich Timber Structure, is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master 2022/23 by Students: Fadi Azzam, Konstantinos Samer Zouraikat, Saif Mahfouz and Faculty: David A. Leon, Lucia Leva, Pable Antuna Molina, Laukik Lad