Upgreen is an innovative web application designed to revolutionize biodiversity-centered design in both architectural practice and everyday life. Developed by Eva Papaspyrou, Upgreen serves as a comprehensive tool for managing plant data and optimizing green spaces at various scales. Whether you’re a professional in the field or an environmentally conscious individual, Upgreen offers a user-friendly platform to implement flora effectively.

Plant Database

For Upgreen I created a plant database containing detailed attributes for each plant species. This database is the backbone of the application, providing users with valuable information to make informed decisions about plant selection and placement. Upgreen categorizes filters based on general traits and their relevance to human needs, allowing users to define their objectives, whether it’s creating a biodiverse habitat, enhancing air quality, radiation protection, medical needs or even a good-vibe atmoshere.

Have a look at the Plant Database!

The App

Upgreen’s key feature is to generate tailored flora compositions based on user-defined criteria. By inputting parameters such as population size and specific needs like radiation protection or food production, Upgreen offers curated plant combinations to meet these requirements. It provides the required area in square meters and and total number of plants. Moreover, Upgreen provides insights into individual plant species, including scientific names, descriptions, sunlight requirements, and recommended planting densities.

Flora compositions

The app provides five categories of flora compositions: Radiation protection, Food production, Air purification , Good-vibe atmosphere, and Medicinal Needs.


The project was developed with Git, GitHub, GitHub Desktop, VisualStudioCode, Javascript, Vue, Three, and RhinoCompute.

Try UpGreen!

Whether you’re planning a small-scale home garden or a large landscape design project, Upgreen empowers users to create sustainable and vibrant green spaces. By leveraging the latest technology and scientific knowledge, Upgreen contributes in shaping the future of green design and environmental stewardship.

Join the Upgreen community today and embark on a journey towards a greener, healthier planet. Try UpGreen here under my name tab Eva Papaspyrou.