Integrating Recreation and Sustainability in Urban Landscapes

“Vertical vitality” revolutionizes urban architecture by integrating vertical jogging tracks, rainwater harvesting, and green walls into a unified, multi-functional structure tailored for densely populated cities. This innovative design re imagines the efficiency of vertical parking structures for recreational and environmental purposes.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

In response to the lack of recreational and green spaces in densely populated urban areas, this project proposes a multi functional structure designed to address the twin challenges of health and sustainability. By rethinking vertical spaces, the project aims to create accessible recreational areas, enhance local biodiversity, and promote sustainable water management within the constraints of a compact urban fabric.

Barcelona Now

Concept Design

Barcelona’s historic density limits the scope for horizontal expansion of recreational spaces. This project provides a scalable solution that can be integrated into existing urban environments, utilizing verticality to create new public spaces without the need for extensive ground-level redevelopment.

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