This project seeks to radically challenge the Lynetteholm proposal that is underway on the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark. Going against the grain of the
original Lynetteholm proposal (an artificial island), this project displays the possibility of minimal impact instead of detrimental impact on the ocean-scape and lightness instead of the heaviness of a human-made island through the literal inversion of the typical skyline. Via a series of oppositions to the existing project,
Skyvillages imagines new urban strategies and forms of life for the year 2070m seeking to address many of the ongoing disruptions introduced by the global
climate crisis. Facing the possibility of severe flooding, this project uses an arterial flood-wall, formally derived from Copenhagen’s historic architecture, to protect the
city. Challenged with an increase of population, Skyvillages deploys a floating, infrastructural, modular strategy to offer flexibility for potential fluctuations in
their inner logics of socio-spatial organization. We believe that we must radically imagine different spatial strategies in order to face the social, economic and
environmental challenges lying on both the short and long-term urban future.