This project aims to study the current situation in the city of El Ejido, and create a proposal of a design that will respond to the social issues of the city. The majority of the land of this city is consisted of farming lands and greenhouses which are occupied by immigrants that are working there in terrible conditions and are being exploited. By creating a public library between the city centre and the greenhouses we are promoting for a space that is open for everyone and they have the option to interact and spend some time together.

The Site

Greenhouses and Agriculture


  • El Ejido = Land of Farmers
  • Lowest rates of unemployment in Spain.
  • Largest exporter of fruit and vegetables in the whole of Europe, with an average of 1.3 million tonnes per year, which represents 60% of the province’s total production
  • Over 12,000 hectares of protected crops

Introduce The Community and Ecology


Immigrants (30%) Locals in El Ejido (70%)

Lack of resources & low education system with 60% of people are working in agriculture.

Green house as a common element to all these problems.

  • Migrants are being exploited in one of the largest greenhouses with the largest productions in Europe
  • Terrible conditions of work around the greenhouses (lack of electricity..)
  • They choose South of Spain as they dont need work permit.

Design Response

The generated Views