The name of the project is “from root to leaves and breanch”. The main concept is based on the idea to create a higth walkaway museum that have an internal space and an external part  where you can observe the nature from an higher point of view compared to the normal view. To give at the people the chance to see which animals are living and reaching the top part of the trees.

Starting from gived project area to define the right location for my project I passed through four step.

First define which are the more interesting place for me and including all in a region. Reducing in this way the site area.

Second use random grasshopper rules to distributed among the region the number of the element that I chose to build.

Third  finding the way to connect all this element together by a single track.

Fourth finalize thr Building elements.

Each of this trunk are connected by bridge.

After defining the shape I use two different kangaroo set up to relax trunk and bridge shaper to give at all a more natural form.

As we can see in this section the trunk have a space inside that could be used to different activity. In my idea should be a space where visitator could learn more about nature using virtual reality.

Regarding the matials the trunk are maded by   main part is made by wood panels that should offer at the local plant the chance to use this structure as a suppor to grow in hight. Becoming an integret natural element where  some small animal and insect can find a shelter to grow up. The bridge is like an advertur park. That is maded by steel cable that was the only material able to reach this distance.

the people who will walk this bridge they must have a harness.