Automatic feeder for stray cats

In today’s world, homeless animals are often invisible in everyday life and often suffer from the harsh conditions of urban life. Such homeless animals in many cities are cats, which have always played an important role in people’s lives, having a positive impact on our health and emotional state. 

Now it’s our time to take care of cats in big cities using modern technologies!  

This project of an automatic feeder for stray cats was created with the aim of supporting and caring for cats in the city. One of the objectives is  to raise awareness and responsible attitude towards animals on the part of city residents. The use of an online platform for educating and sharing ideas, experiences and designs of feeders will help maintain interest in this project and will also enable citizens to be creative and produce their own unique designs of feeders. 

Mechanism operation

The mechanism itself works in such a way that if the motion sensor recognizes movement, it sends a signal to the camera, which in conjunction with the Open CV system recognizes the cat in front of the feeder and triggers a motor that opens and closes the feeder automatically, from which a certain amount of food is poured out. 

Code and Schematic

Future steps

Thus, using this project with connection to online plaform it is possible to create an entire system of feeders for stray cats in cities, where all information about the location, author and amount of food in the feeder will be displayed. It will also be possible to improve the project and add an accounting system that records how many cats visit the feeder and food consumption.  As a next step, a built-in small heated shelter can be added so that in cold climates such as Moscow, for example, the animals have a chance to warm up