Earth & Mars Comparison

Challenges on long space missions. If anything is going to fail. It is the human mind.

To understand the effects of space on the human mind. We started looking at astronauts who embark on long space missions and how did it affect their psyche.

To have a better mental health on Mars. It was evident that we have to replicate the conditions on earth on mars.

What does living spaces mean on earth?

To understand our program better we started looking into what would living spaces mean on earth?

A facility for music and arts to sustain mental health.

A socio-cultural space to bring people together.

Create open and airy spaces for astronauts to go out without any space suits.

Burning Man

A space to celebrate artistic self expression and building a community to be self sufficient.


Space Syntax – Program

The Idea of space syntax is to locate the programs using points and curves to establish connectivity among the programs which is then computed on grasshopper by the space syntax component to give optimized zoning based on CONTROL, DEPTH & INTEGRATIVE factors.