Most of Virtual Experiences are designed and model for humans and by humans. In this scenario believe the overall concept is that the game platform is seen from the perspective of an animal.



“Our goal is to offer humans a unique experience through the eyes of a peacock. This game platform immerses players in the world from a peacock’s perspective.”

Design Headset

For designing a headset for peacocks, we need to consider the following factors: the anatomy and dimensions of the peacock’s head, tolerances around the beak, the field of vision from the position of the eyes, and ensuring the headset provides comfort and minimizes stress for the anima

AI generator on applying Headsets without considering Peacock Anatomy
First Trials of Understanding Peacock Anatomy
Falconry Hood – Adaptability to bird’s head
Design Headset Solution for Peacock Anatomy

Human Experience

Using Oculus Quest 2 for Human to experience Peacock POV


The gaming virtual world allows humans to experience life from a peacock’s perspective in various environments, including deserts, glacial areas, and tropical regions. It simulates the challenges peacocks face, such as identifying predators and navigating their habitats, and includes the intricacies of their mating rituals. All experiences are adapted to the peacock’s point of view, considering their unique skills and color vision.


In the experience, you have a main linear route and optional areas to explore:

  1. Starting Location
  2. Male Peacock Mates
  3. Jurassic Zone
  4. Volcanic Hike
  5. Penguin March

The linear route is highlighted in red from the Starting Location to the Male Peacock Mates. However, we encourage you to take whatever route you prefer for a unique and personalized experience and storyline. There are additional secret easter eggs to discover along the way, enhancing your adventure.

  • Predation: This is presented by a real life predator that’s always following you which is reminiscent of the struggles peacocks face
  • Habitat Loss: To show this pressure we made the linear path tight with high sides to give a closed in, claustrophobic, feeling to the user.
  • Competition for Resources: We removed much of the natural resources to be metaphorical of the difficulties peacocks face. This should give the impression and feeling of something missing or something is incomplete.
  • Climate Change: During the linear route you go past the desert through the forest and through the snow. This is a metaphor and subjective to the user.
  • Human Disturbance: To show this issue we designed some of the grass, trees and other to be off the ground or clipping through other objects to be metaphorical of humankind’s interference with nature. 

Invasive Species: To represent this issue, we made some animals frozen and unable to move, to make the user uncomfortable just like the peacock is with the issue.

End Game?

How do we know when the game ends?

There is no defined end to the game just like there is no defined end to life. Life doesn’t end when you achieve something. For this to be a proper experience we decided not to put a defined ending in as every life has a unique route and story and should only end once the user is ready to put down the vr headset.

How do we know where to go?

Life has no defined direction so neither does the experience.