The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Kaleidoscopic Sculptures

Concept William Darrell describes his kinetic sculptures as “mechanically abstracted organisms,” animated forms that pulse, shimmy, and spin with lifelike motion. The London-based artist is inspired by the relationship between the organic and the mechanical along with the enticing, mesmerizing qualities of movement that can coax “fear or fascination” from the viewer.  Kaleidoscopic Sculptures is … Read more

Object sensing door

Concept The system is aimed to provide lighting to passers-by in dark environments while also automatically opening the door to greet them. This system can also be used to warn burglars and reduce social crimes. Circulation System: Component Assembly Code Prototype

Motion sensor

Brief: The idea of the assignment is to use 2 sensors and 1-2 actuators in arduino to create a working system. Concept: Motion detection with lights: The idea of the project is to use the ultrasonic sensor to detect objects coming close to it so the light sensor can be activated which it turn forces … Read more

Dancing plant

Dancing plant is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) 2021/22 by student: Sebastian Oliver Dahl; faculty: Angel Muñoz; faculty assistant: Shahar Abelson. The dancing plant is a playful amplification of the reach of 8 motors. The plant has two modes: one is … Read more

Ultrasonic Sensor HC – SR04 and LCD

Ultrasonic sensors are great tools to measure distance without actual contact. In this project we have used an Ultrasonic Sensor to determine the distance of an obstacle from the sensor that is read by LCD screen. Basic principal of ultrasonic distance measurement is based on ECHO. When sound waves are transmitted in environment then waves … Read more

Radar Alarm

The system consists in a Radar that works similarly as a car sensor. It is made out of an ultrasonic sensor that can detect objects and can identify the distance where they are. This sensor rotates 180 degrees in a servomotor and when the information gets back is processed by IDE Processing to map the … Read more

Distance & Light Detecting System

Abstract Using Ultrasonic sensor for detecting the distance and display the value at the LCD screen, while under certain value the Microservomotor rotates 90 degrees. Also, detecting the light by using a Light sensor, which values is being displaying to the LCD screen throw the message ‘dim’ or ‘bright’ light. BoM (Bill of materials) Code … Read more

Soil Moisture and Light Alarm

Goal The aim of this project is to grow the plants with no worries regarding the light or water.This is how the procedure is being done;Soil Moisture receives the data based on the code applied on Arduino UNO board. If the moisture is not enough the buzzer would reacts and rings to alert.Addition to this, … Read more

The Temperamental Alarm

Project Concept The idea was to create a system that measures the surrounding temperature and humidity and then displays it on a backlight lcd screen. It also checks if the temperature is out of limits range and starts an alarm, as well as displays a warning on the screen. This system could be used in … Read more

Radar System using Ultrasonic Sensor

Abstract Looking at the advancement of technology in computational design in architecture, we can also use the implementation of kinetic facades as a prevention mechanism towards its environment. It can help in detecting aerial animals or any flying object; drones, to prevent any collision with the surface. Functioning An ultrasonic sensor sends ultrasonic waves which … Read more

Automatic Shade

Concept and Inspiration The main idea was to recreate the controls for automatic sunroofs which react to sunlight and rain. They incorporate light and rain sensors alongside a manual control via buttons. The idea is to have the sunroof deploy when the sun is too bright, retract when it’s getting dark and either retract or … Read more

Mobile ‘illithea’

“Do electronic ‘cats’ dream of bluetooth mouse?” Just like a pet cat, it will run around in random directions around your house and also away from you. But this is not a cat. It’s a small ‘robotic’ pet that will keep you company and not get bored. Unlike a cat, it won’t run into things … Read more


This project uses 4 LED lights that turn on according to the position of a joystick. This is done by using ranges and evaluating if the position is inside or outside the range that belongs to each light. Later on, a Servo Motor is added with a double helix, that points at each one of … Read more

Failed device

//Step 1 interest What interested me in the subject of programming was how complex operations can be decomposed into simple steps. I was impressed by the example of the computer: how the coding system changes at different levels and how multiple combinations come out of binary code. Therefore I decided to study mechanical motion to … Read more


CONCEPT Energy-Saving Lighting System can be implemented on long corridors as well as public spaces of transit which have low motion density and constant lighting is profligate. The initiation of light follows people’s passing and, using the readout from two ultrasonic sensors, the luminance depends on the proximity of people to the power source, the … Read more

Sound and Distance-Activated Motor

The intention of this project was to use two sensors (sound and distance) to ultimately activate a single motor. A sound sensor is first used to trigger an LED. If the LED was previously off, then it is activated. In this case, the distance sensor is also activated.Based on the distance detected, a motor is … Read more

Ultrasonic Opening Mechanism

Concept This project has been inspired by the mechanism of Automatic Doors. Automatic doors respond to the movement in front of the activation sensors which opens and closes the door. This mechanism has been replicated in this Arduino project with the help of an Ultrasonic Sonic Sensor and Servo Motor. The LEDs have been used … Read more

Smart Water System

CONCEPT The project aims to operate a smart water pump device that can be used in domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications. It has sensors that are switching outputs on and off according to the requirement and monitor the water level in a tank or well. Reducing and optimizing the usage of water, energy and time. … Read more

SRC | Smart Room Control

Abstract The initial intention is to create a control system for interior space conditions. A space has temperature around 20-25°C and humidity percentage of 50-60%. Assuming that this system reads the temperatures and the humidity percentage. If the conditions are good, then, the users can be informed by the LCD screen and also by the … Read more

Game 0ver

Concept The goal I set for myself was to create a little Mini-Game on the 8×8 Matrix display that is controlled with a joystick. Inspired by classics like Tetris, the goal is to move a seemingly falling point into the gap that randomly generates at the bottom of the display. After each successful iteration the … Read more


The idea of project was to create a system with ultrasonic sensor, which detects a subject within specifyied distance and ligths up the LEDs in predetermined order. There are two options of output (two codes): the light is moving from LED to LED or they lighten up gradually, so when the object is next to … Read more

Safety Distance Alarm

CONCEPT The ultrasonic sensor detects the distance of an object and gives a reading of the same on the LCD screen. If the distance is above 10 cm, the Green Led turns ON and if the distance goes below 10 cm the Red Led turns ON and the buzzer produces a noise alerting the user of … Read more

Backpack Alarm

Ultrasonic Sensor with LEDs and Buzzer The Ultrasonic sensor measures the distance of a person. Depending on the distance of the person the the LEDs will correlate with green for far, yellow for medium distance and red for close. The buzzer will also get louder as the person gets closer to the Ultrasonic sensor

Experience Room

00_ABSTRACT Aim of this project is to make a human experience room, this room will have different light settings based on the input presented by people inside the room. Various input  considered in this project are mist(Humidity), Heat and smoke, each of these gives a different light setting to the room. The project is developed with … Read more