The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Assembled Curves

This project focuses on exploration of Singly/Doubly Curved Geometries  through combination of Topological Interlocking & Post-tensioning of Tetrahedral Local Geometries. The said Global Geometries are achieved through enclosed assemblages from the smallest number of discrete components; i.e. One(1) in the case of Doubly Curved Surfaces & Two(2) for Singly Curved Surfaces.  Fitness Objectives 1.  Constant Curvature … Read more

SpaceFlex Optimization

Floor Plan optimization  LB Sun light Hour & karamba Catalog Comprised Catalogue (Best Iteration per Generation) Facade optimization  LB incident Radiation Catalog Comprised Catalogue (Best Iteration per Generation) Renders Video


harnessing genetic algorithms for better living In a neighborhood where high-rise buildings are becoming more prevalent, can we still prioritize and design for wellbeing? In an exploration of the interplay between architecture, the environment and human wellbeing, this project utilizes genetic algorithms to optimize the design of mixed-use residential towers, based on key environmental factors … Read more


This term’s Computational Design Seminar focused on leveraging optimization tools to explore and refine architectural designs. Our project aimed to generate a diverse catalogue of design iterations, systematically optimizing each iteration to meet specific performance criteria. Utilizing plugins such as Wallacei for optimization and Karamba3D for structural analysis, we developed a Play Area located in … Read more


SITE FORM INSPIRATION CONCEPT The project focuses on devising fabrication protocols for on-site assembly. Through computational tools and algorithms, we  engage in a holistic design process, from initial concept to realization, fostering innovation in dynamic architectural forms. The research emphasizes visualizing form-finding processes, fabrication protocols, and assembly logic through diagrams and animations FORM FINDING “Project … Read more

Waves of Tetuan

Site: Plaça de Tetuan 08010, Barcelona Image: Image: Plaça de Tetuan is situated at the crossroads of Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes and Passeig de Sant Joan in Dreta de l’Eixample district, Barcelona. derives its name from the Arabic “Ti?w?n,” meaning “Eye” or “Origin.” The square is named after the 1860 Battle of … Read more

“Fan Fusion Square” – Plaça del Sol

History of Plaça del Sol; Plaça del Sol, located in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, has a rich history as a lively square with a strong sense of community. Historically, it has been a gathering place for locals, hosting cultural events, markets, and festivals. The square’s name, which translates to “Sun Square,” is a nod … Read more

INvisible Transcendence

The Site The site chosen for our design intervention was Plaza de San Felipe Neri, Barcelona. The plaza is approximately 510 square meters characterized by three trees and a fountain included within the space. The red marks the trees, the blue marks the fountain and the green marks the main access route. Variables Design Evolution … Read more

Computational Design Seminar

The Dynamic Pavilion This is a proposal for a pavilion at Plaça de Universitat, inspired by the fluid movements and self-expression found in dance. This pavilion is designed to be a dynamic and adaptable environment tailored for peaceful protests that regularly take place in the plaza. With an open stage as its centerpiece, the Pavilion … Read more

Catalunya Pavillion

Plaza The plaza chosen for the design was Plaza España. One of Barcelona’s most important squares, Plaza España was built on the occasion of the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, held at the foot of Montjuïc, in the Sants-Montjuïc district. One of the city’s biggest squares, it is the junction of several major thoroughfares: Gran Via … Read more

Contemplation Forest

Contemplation Forest is a proposed pavilion in Placa Reial, Barcelona. By creating intricate and quiet spaces, juxtaposed by the closeby, busy Ramblas, it invites people into a space and a moment of contemplation. The process of creating the pavilion started with an in-person exploration of Placa Reial to understand the physical and social context. We … Read more


ShadeHaven_NOVA, an architectural marvel, stands as a pavilion designed with the noble intention of inspiring individuals to leisurely sit and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring presence of the Barcelona Cathedral and the rich cultural tapestry enveloping its surroundings. Nestled within the historical expanse of Plaça Nova, at the core of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, this visionary … Read more

SunTrail Pavilion

The SunTrail Pavilion was conceived as a solution to address the limited shading options in expansive urban spaces. Nestled within the prominent Plaza del Mar in Barcelona, this pavilion is strategically positioned at the primary pedestrian intersection of the plaza, a popular spot for individuals seeking respite while enjoying views of the beach and seafront.Employing … Read more


Placa de Sant Pere Three main axes lead to a quaint little plaza in a medieval neighbourhood rich in history, once home to a booming textile industry.The Plaza is a juxtaposition of stone and steel, history and future, old and new.A Fuente sits in the centre; the focal point of Placa de Sant Pere – and of FuenteNest. Architectural Symphony: The Evolution of a … Read more

Urban Convergence Pavilion

Faculty– Rodrigo Aguirre & Akshay Madapura Urban Convergence Pavilion project located on the Plaça de Catalunya which is a large square in central Barcelona. The geographical space that separates the districts of Ciutat Vella and the Eixample. Steeped in history, the Plaça de Catalunya is the nerve centre of the Catalan capital. The plaza, which was … Read more


LOCATION AND ANALYSIS Plaça de la VirreinaC/ de l’Or, 42, 08012 Barcelona CONCEPT AND DESIGN ITERATIONS The Unity Blossom project focuses on fostering a sense of connection and appreciation within the community, taking as base the “Panot de Flor” in Barcelona, which is a very characteristic symbol of the place. CASE STUDY Vaulted Willow  | … Read more

Rosa Paramétrica

Rosa Paramétrica is a project of pavilion that is located on the XIV-century medieval square Plaça del Rei. The square is surrounded by the Palau Reial Major – a complex of historic buildings: the Saló del Tinell (XIV), the Palatine Chapel of St. Agatha (XIV), the Palau del Lloctinent (XVI). Reference The Amazon Spheres by … Read more