The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Optimum Illumination System

In the hustle and bustle of urban life, outdoor lighting has become an indispensable part of our daily landscape. However, the unintended consequences of excessive lighting, particularly at night, have taken a toll on the natural world. Migratory birds, nocturnal animals, and delicate insects such as fireflies have been adversely affected by the pervasive issue … Read more

Desktop FAN-Tasy

“A futuristic, yet, simple approach to cooling down…” Concept While working in the office in the terrible heat of the summer, the air conditioner was rapidly cooling the small room and we had to constantly turn it on and off. For this reason, I bought a desktop fan, but to turn it on, I had … Read more

DyeMate ProVision

Dye vending machine working with an ultrasonic drive system. Concept The project involves a container equipped with a keypad, allowing it to provide a specific weight of the material inside based on user input. The primary objective was to aid a friend in her natural dyeing process, eliminating the need for manual weighing of each … Read more


Concept With so many alleyways in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, it is hard to know what is lurking behind each corner.  Sp-EYE, a detector made with Ultrasonic Distance Sensors allows you to peek around sharp corners alerting you to danger. The sensor works as an extension of your eyes to “see” around objects. . … Read more

Smart Operable Window

Operable windows have provided ventilation, light control and privacy for many years. And has been one of the Primary architectural components. However it has to operated manually in most Scenario and doesn’t have the smart function. This led to think about the smart operable window concept. Where a operable window, can be made to perform … Read more

Flood Control

Using  two primary sensors and  actuators, a flood control system could be composed. The  project’s intentions is to use water levels rising towards an ultrasonic sensor in order to initiate a servo motor that would essentially redirect water towards the soil moisture sensor thus activate a visual output ( a warning per se) through an … Read more


The increasing concern over indoor air quality has prompted the development of innovative solutions to create healthier living environments. In response to this, my Arduino project introduces a Smart Exhaust System designed to monitor and improve air quality. Utilizing the MQ 135 air quality sensor. CONCEPT The concept behind my Arduino-based Smart Exhaust System revolves … Read more


Concept Automatic feeder for stray cats In today’s world, homeless animals are often invisible in everyday life and often suffer from the harsh conditions of urban life. Such homeless animals in many cities are cats, which have always played an important role in people’s lives, having a positive impact on our health and emotional state.  … Read more

Technology For Nature

The proposal Preventing the devastating impact of wildfires falls heavily on local authorities and agencies. To address this pressing issue, there’s an urgent requirement for Technological solutions. This presentation introduces a comprehensive system designed to monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and air quality. It assesses the potential severity of a fire outbreak. In critical situations, … Read more

The Be(a)ver_ages

Auto detective feeding mechanism Concept This project aligns with studio design, aiming to facilitate the re-establishment of beaver territories in a specific area.  The device integrates motion sensors and sound detection to identify the presence of beavers and dispense food accordingly, represented by a servo motor with LED lights indicating food dispensing.  Simultaneously, an LCD … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more

ARCHIBUDDY – The World Is Your Friend

Introduction Archibuddy is a unique and innovative project that aims to create adaptive architectural elements to make environments emotion-responsive. Archibuddy will leverage the latest technologies to provide personalized experiences to users, optimizing their well-being and productivity using Emotion Detection Technology and the Algorithmic workflow that was developed over the course of the Master’s Research Thesis … Read more

Mobile ‘illithea’

“Do electronic ‘cats’ dream of bluetooth mouse?” Just like a pet cat, it will run around in random directions around your house and also away from you. But this is not a cat. It’s a small ‘robotic’ pet that will keep you company and not get bored. Unlike a cat, it won’t run into things … Read more


This project uses 4 LED lights that turn on according to the position of a joystick. This is done by using ranges and evaluating if the position is inside or outside the range that belongs to each light. Later on, a Servo Motor is added with a double helix, that points at each one of … Read more

Ultrasonic Opening Mechanism

Concept This project has been inspired by the mechanism of Automatic Doors. Automatic doors respond to the movement in front of the activation sensors which opens and closes the door. This mechanism has been replicated in this Arduino project with the help of an Ultrasonic Sonic Sensor and Servo Motor. The LEDs have been used … Read more

Smart Water System

CONCEPT The project aims to operate a smart water pump device that can be used in domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications. It has sensors that are switching outputs on and off according to the requirement and monitor the water level in a tank or well. Reducing and optimizing the usage of water, energy and time. … Read more

Interactive Lights 

Concept The aim of the project is to develop as lighting system that will be responsive and interactive to its surrounding people’s movements. And to make that happen, I have used the ultrasonic sensor as a proximity sensor to measure the distance of people and their movements. As a next step of this project, we … Read more

Security key

This project remakes simply key passcode for the door locks. You should type the correct password and the lock will open. If entered the wrong password 5 times,  it will give an Alarm sound. Then have to press the # button to reset the password. Main code


CONCEPT The concept of the project was to create a system that detects solar radiation throughout the day and adjusts the facade angle accordingly to keep the internal area of the building cool and shaded using a Photoresistor. Also, at the same time to prevent the rainwater from coming inside the building using a water … Read more


Adaptive facade

CONCEPT The system consists in creating a facade that moves according to the sunlight. The components of the facade turn with the effect of a motor that is activated according to the environment. An example of an application would be a building in the shape of a bar, having wider sides with east and west … Read more