The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Urban Impact Analyzer

In the dynamic landscape of urbanization, migration towards cities is an undeniable trend. With this migration comes a myriad of challenges, notably the exponential rise in land costs and the often haphazard nature of urban development. As cities expand, there’s a pressing need for thoughtful and strategic construction that not only addresses the demands of … Read more


Introducing DeCARB: An easy-to-use tool that calculates Embodied Carbon, End-of-Life Carbon, and Total Cost for any rectangular massing geometry. Quantifying emissions from material extraction to disposal can guide architects and engineers in selecting low-carbon materials and methods early in the design process. With a focus on reducing environmental impact and aligning with green building standards, … Read more

Ascending Gallery

Ascending Gallery is a Wildlife conservation Museum to raise awareness about wild animal species extinction. This project is a dedicated exploration of mathematical surfaces within architecture, emphasizing their integration into natural landscapes. Set in the beautiful natural setting in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy that served as a profound inspiration, the project delves into the intricate geometry … Read more

Inverting the Guggenheim – A wildlife museum

Drawing inspiration from our site’s location in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy, our concept revolves around crafting a continuous journey that symbolizes history through the exhibition spaces. This approach fosters a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding context, effectively erasing the boundaries between the interior and exterior environments by bringing nature into the space. Our computational methodology can … Read more

Self-organized city – a product of collaboration

Sustainability and collective intelligence Manifesto diagram illustrating the participatory processes of the city inhabitants, created by the group Each section of this manifesto can be perceived independently. Choose the reading order and create your own narrative. The personalized narratives reflect the methodology to address the complexity of collaborative urban design processes at a macro level. … Read more

Symbiotic Metabolism

Problem Statement Modern buildings are fortresses holding nature at bay, reflecting Dualist philosophies separating humans from nature. Our current Anthropocentric notion of “nature” as something “out there” and separate from culture has created a metabolic rift1 within our urban and architectural landscapes, obscuring the ravaging of the earth. Resources are shipped from across the globe, … Read more

Reversing Ecosystem Degradation

MaCAD 23/24 // ACESD Theory Existing State of Urban Design In order to understand how to strive for successful ecological design practices, designers must first understand the problems that currently exist in the process of urban design. The current state of design tends to create distinct enclosures between both natural ecosystems and humans, with the … Read more

Wildlife Corridors

Our project focuses on modeling and predicting habitat fragmentation avoidance mechanisms using graphs. We investigate wildlife corridors in Australia, leveraging graph-based approaches to create coherent passages and connect forest areas. By analyzing satellite images, road data, and other metrics, we construct and evaluate graph models that incorporate forest containment, node characteristics, and connectivity. Our goal … Read more

Nested Flocks

What if our design follows the trails of flocks? The #flockingbehaviour guides the circulation paths nested inside the environmentally responsive shell. An investigation of #optimization with #grasshopper#houdini#culebragh#biomorpher and render with #unrealengine.

MoVA: Museum of Vulnerable Animals

Concept MoVa is a project for a museum located in the crater of Lago Grande in Pozzuoli, near Naples. The museum has the purpose of raising awareness towards the extinction of species. The project’s inspiration came from a new in 2020 when a blue shark was seen in the port of Pozzuoli. This event is … Read more


During a time when the extinction of wildlife is increasing exponentially, this museum aims to raise awareness bout the impact that humans have on the biosphere. The museum starts at a nucleus where the main gallery lies, converges to a narrow strip that guides the visitor along the strip of water, and finally branches out … Read more

A Route to Extinction

Broadening the perspective: An organism interacting with its environment. Sounds simple but life itself influences the atmosphere and nothing impacts life on earth today more than humanity does: explore that relationship between mankind and our environment.