THE NEST | Ecosystemic Structures

The Nest is a project designed for the city of Accra, Ghana. The Site is located in close proximity to the lagoon and the sea. The design caters to public interventions like open markets, observatories, and residential units for the fishermen’s community. The goal with the design is to highlight the traditional techniques and materials used … Read more

Bio-Digital Paths

“Bio-Digital Path” is a computational model of modular public spaces generated from emerging public movements within the existing urban fabric of Barcelona.  Global challenges consist of both environmental threats, but also social challenges and this project suggests that planners and architects actually have the tools to construct the public space not as a separate but … Read more

The Bóveda: 3d Printed Earthen Housing

As the world progresses towards sustainable development, the use of 3D printing technology in construction is gaining momentum. One such application is the use of 3D printing to construct earthen buildings, which has several advantages over traditional construction methods. Earthen buildings have been used for thousands of years and are known for their durability, low … Read more

Beyond Corals

The recent climate changes are affecting key elements of our ecosystem such as tropical forest, deserts, and coral reefs. Corals are living organisms, closely related to jellyfish that live in colonies. The size of those colonies can vary, the largest coral reef to date, the great barrier is estimated to stretch over 2300 kilometers. There … Read more

Fibra Terra

Posidonia Oceanica In the Mediterranean, most plant debris is made up of the species Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile, asuperior plant that is endemic to this sea. It forms extensive meadows from the shallowest areas of the coast to variable depths, depending on how deep light can penetrate the water to enable photosynthesis to take place. … Read more

Sustainable Forest Management

Our Sustainable Forest Management course kicked off in December with an open air lecture from Dr. Arbol. This explorative walk through the Valldaura forest helped us to better observe and understand how the ecosystem forest functions. We also learned how to identify the existing tree species and their way of growing in the context of … Read more

MO5 Collaborative Design – Bio Berms

After analyzing the site of Font del Gos we quickly realized that soil erosion was a significant problem.The site is a case study of human interception of an ecosystem, a naturally evolvedlandscape and water stream disturbed by human doings, causing dysfunction.Dry, eroded soil is unable to absorb water properly when raining.This causes a lack of … Read more

Almanac Autumn & Winter Rotation | Leafy

During the first session of the Agroecology course, we were introduced to the concept of bi-annual rotation agricultural system and its importance in restoring soil quality. Every Monday was spent actively taking care of the plant beds as part of Valldaura’s Living Labs. We prepared the beds by removing weeds, tilling the compact soil, mixing … Read more

Nested Flocks

What if our design follows the trails of flocks? The #flockingbehaviour guides the circulation paths nested inside the environmentally responsive shell. An investigation of #optimization with #grasshopper#houdini#culebragh#biomorpher and render with #unrealengine.

MoVA: Museum of Vulnerable Animals

Concept MoVa is a project for a museum located in the crater of Lago Grande in Pozzuoli, near Naples. The museum has the purpose of raising awareness towards the extinction of species. The project’s inspiration came from a new in 2020 when a blue shark was seen in the port of Pozzuoli. This event is … Read more


Perus, São Paulo Subprefeitura de Perus congrega los distritos de Perus y Anhanguera, en la Zona Norte de São Paulo, en los límites de la ciudad, como producto de sistemas que históricamente dirigen el crecimiento de la mancha urbana horizontal paulistana. Aproximaciones del território | lectura histórica Además, los acontecimientos en la cronología de Perus consolidan … Read more

The Green Ally

In Spain, there is an urban myth, according to which – The country was once so thickly forested that a squirrel could cross the peninsula hopping from tree to tree. -However, this condition has changed throughout the years, both in terms of the natural environment and the existence of squirrels in Spain. The case study … Read more

ASU 500 | Distrito de Innovación Cívica

En el año 2037 la ciudad de Asunción estará cumpliendo 500 años. Su lugar fundacional, el Centro Histórico, se encuentra en una situación de profundo abandono. El CHA (Centro Histórico de Asunción), viene atravesando un proceso de desploblación y de falta de inversión, que ocasionó una situación actual de profundo deterioro urbano, que genera inseguridad … Read more

The Wild Deal

ABSTRACT Urban Rights is a term which has been coined by the philosopher Henri Lefebvre (Lefebvre, 1967)  and further explored by David Harvey (Harvey, 2003). It is a concept of a collective right to change the city and shape the process of urbanization. Thus, the right to the city does not merely address what the … Read more

Almanac Autumn & Winter Rotation | Roots

As IAAC’s Valldaura Labs and Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities (MAEBB) class of 2022/23, we have begun another yearly garden. Within the Agroecology course we started in October with a new autumn-winter rotation. The fresh seeds and saplings were planted and transplanted at the start of October and are still regularly maintained and … Read more

A Parallel City for Pollinators

Introduction to Pollination The project attempts to study and research the possibilities of creating a green, three-dimensional corridor for pollinators in a specific area, the historical city center of Madrid, connecting Madrid’s most prominent green park “el Retiro” in the east to the “Casa de Campo” natural reserve in the west. In particular the proposal … Read more

Open Nature | Font del Gos

Public spaces in the city of Barcelona play a vital role in the daily lives of its citizens. But often there is a clear boundary seen between the urban and the peri-urban forests of the city. The project approaches the site of Font Del Gos as a transitory space between the city of Barcelona and … Read more


During a time when the extinction of wildlife is increasing exponentially, this museum aims to raise awareness bout the impact that humans have on the biosphere. The museum starts at a nucleus where the main gallery lies, converges to a narrow strip that guides the visitor along the strip of water, and finally branches out … Read more

A Route to Extinction

Broadening the perspective: An organism interacting with its environment. Sounds simple but life itself influences the atmosphere and nothing impacts life on earth today more than humanity does: explore that relationship between mankind and our environment.

Naturaleza Positiva

La planificación urbana que no tiene en cuenta los servicios ecosistémicos consolida la desigualdad espacial y económica, profundiza la pobreza, disminuye la calidad de vida de personas y otras especies y degrada el suelo, el agua y el aire. Los esquemas de protección, restauración y regeneración natural en las zonas urbanas son insuficientes. Costa Rica, … Read more

Células auto-suficientes

Chiclayo_Perú Chiclayo, ubicada al norte del Perú, es una ciudad con muchísimo potencial, pero también con grandes desafíos climáticos de cara al futuro. Ante la actual coyuntura ambiental que se vive en todo el mundo y sobre todo ante las indignantes condiciones de habitabilidad en algunos sectores de la ciudad el proyecto plantea una visión … Read more

Distrito Hídrico Mataderos

El mercado de hacienda vacuna fue el equipamiento que fundó e identificó el barrio por 120 años, hasta que en 2022 fue trasladado a 65 km por una ley que prohíbe ganado vivo en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.Por falta de mantenimiento hidráulico se suelen producir inundaciones, y la desactivación industrial generó un deterioro en … Read more


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. C.A. La palabra “digestible o digerible” viene del latín digestibilis y significa “que se puede transformar materia a sustancias necesarias para la vida”  el prefijo di- (divergencia, separación múltiple), gestus (hecho, llevado a cabo), más el sufijo -ible (que puede o hace). Contexto: Quetzaltenango es uno de los 22 municipios de Guatemala que … Read more


THE DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF CLIMATE ACTION INTERVENTIONS AND MODELS Our explorations surround the creation of climate action data models for the city of Mumbai. For a context that is only now becoming aware of the potential of data, The creation of interactive models can help educate citizens. The curation of multimedia models prototyped and … Read more