“Verdenlace” is an urban park situated in Les Corts, designed to reconnect individuals with biodiversity while encouraging community participation through architectural interventions.

The park’s functions aim to foster esteem and self-actualization among users. The structural form is derived from multiple aggregations and iterations of a simple module, adapting the space based on various parameters identified during the analysis of the site, surroundings, climate, and module structure. . The  structure incorporates a roofing system composed of steel members, algae and shading devices.

The primary objective is to introduce innovative architectural strategies for an urban park, positively influencing the overall quality of life in the neighbourhood.

Site Context & Analysis

location : av. de josep tarradellas / les corts

the les corts district is adjacent to eixample, sants-Montjuïc, and sarrià-sant gervasi. 

Site Area : 9,290 sqm


Site Plan / Pathways