The project focuses on promoting the physical, mental, and social well-being of older adults in the city of Barcelona through various initiatives, the goal is to empower older adults to remain active and engaged in their communities, and to promote healthy ageing and independence.

Projected population aged 65+

What is Ageing?

Health in the older age is not random!

The Challenge

Population Density (Aged 65 and over)

Why Active Ageing?

Prevailing Demands of aged 65 and over

Co-housing Policy Development

Key Objectives

  • Increasing the number of age-friendly co-housing options available in the city
  • Improving the quality of existing housing
  • Making co-housing more accessible and affordable for elderly citizens.


Key Performance Indicators

Geo-Spatial Analysis

Average Spatial Distribution

Identification of SSCC for 2025-2035-2050

Co-housing Strategy- Potential Cohousing Locations

Co-Housing Module Proposal

Co-housing Module Example

Policy for the 64.7% residents aged 65 and over

  • Elderly can select guest profiles 
  • Share their culture and life experience
  • Guests can be helpful or professional in healthcare  treatment for aged 65 and over

Proposal Evaluation- Digitization


Prospective Goals