Project Objective:

Provide sustainable urban regeneration, and equal access to public spaces in dense cities, and create sunlit gardens while providing shade on the ground floor for public squares and corridors.

Project Goals:

•Maximizing sunlight exposure on gardens

•Maximizing green space

•Finding the optimized height with respect to the views.

•Creating pocket gardens in between the volumes.

General Scheme Iteration:

The initial approach involved iterating the bar buildings by adjusting their width, proximity to one another, and their rotation.


•Base geometry:

The optimization process is based on the existing urban fabric and the design strategy I developed in my X-Urban studio.

The building bars are defined and set in their locations and orientation.

Changing Parameters:

•Height of the bar buildings.

•Pocket gardens between the buildings: location and size

Performative urban design:

•(A) Organizational level: The structure’s spatial plan (garden size & distribution) is informed by the system.

•(B) Form level:  The structure’s form (height of the bar buildings) is influenced by the location of the garden.

Zooming in: