The main aim is to provide an insight as to what the students were experiencing and actively trying to achieve through every step of the process. This goal is to focus on practical visual storytelling strategies and skills through the work of the MAEBB Students.

The media production team began with an introduction of how CLT Panels were assembled and manufactured by the MAEBB students

The purpose of this video were the following:
-To practice film-making based on a workshop on DiVinci Resolve, taught by Thatcher Bean
-To introduce the making of CLT panels and the process of it’s manufacturing by the students
-For educational purposes for future MAEBB Students
-To understand the discipline of usage and wastage of wood and other materials

We then moved on to the making of Discussion Videos for our Final Thesis Project: MOCA

The purpose of this video were the following:
-To cover the important discussions that were held during the initial phases, wherein the weight was highlighted as one of our key challenges
-The students effort in making models to better understand the form, design and any complications we may face
-The construction of an initial mock-up to understand the scale of our project and the changes that we may have to apply afterwards
-But most importantly it is a video that represents the team building and honest hard work of students wanting to provide a worthy project!

Our final video aims to demonstrate the construction phase and what it entailed

The purpose of this video were the following:
-To present step by step process taken by the students to achieve the final results
-This includes the different challenges such as water, electrical and envelop system
-This video covers interviews by the students in order to cover new topics such as the protective layer of coating on the wooden surface as well as the
computational process behind the DLT panels
-Different aspects of the project were highlighted as well such as the installation of glass, insulation, a sliding bed and an operational envelope!
-The project is finalized and the final look/touches are covered

Batch of MAEBB 2022-2023