IAAC’s Master in City & Technology (1 or 2-year program) is a unique program oriented towards redefining the analysis, planning, and design of twenty-first-century cities and beyond. The program offers expertise in the design of digitally enhanced, ecological and human-centered urban environments by intersecting the disciplines of urbanism and data science. Taking place in Barcelona, the capital of urbanism, the Master in City & Technology is training the professionals that city administrations, governments, industries, and communities need, to transform the urban environment in the era of big data.


Dislocating Creativity

“A Data-Driven Approach to Balancing Creative Class Development and Social Equity in Barcelona” The creative industries have been acknowledged as one of the most important sectors for economic growth and development in current cities worldwide. This sector represents a space of culture where all artistic and creative expression that pro-actively enters into dialogue with new … Read more

Health of the over-aging population

Ageing population is increasing around the world, many of the European countries and Japan, . The above graph shows the number of the population 65 years old and over people in World. In 2019, the total aged population was  703 million people and the projected population suggests that in 2050, it will be over 1050 … Read more

A Policy for Digital Carbon Footprint, Barcelona

Every single search query, every streamed song or video and every email sent, billions of times over all around the world – it all adds up to an ever-increasing global demand for electricity, and to rising CO2 emissions too. Our increasing reliance on digital tools has an environmental impact that’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore. … Read more

Rethinking Industrial Clusters Policies

MOBILITY By selecting the municipalities along the industry belt, we identify the differences about mobility pattern. Commuting people are coming by over half an hour’s trip to work in weekday, but the number of people declines in the weekend.