IAAC’s Master in City & Technology (1 or 2-year program) is a unique program oriented towards redefining the analysis, planning, and design of twenty-first-century cities and beyond. The program offers expertise in the design of digitally enhanced, ecological and human-centered urban environments by intersecting the disciplines of urbanism and data science. Taking place in Barcelona, the capital of urbanism, the Master in City & Technology is training the professionals that city administrations, governments, industries, and communities need, to transform the urban environment in the era of big data.


Streets for People: La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. This old fishermen’s neighborhood forms an inseparable entity with the beach of the same name and is synonymous with a lot of charm, food gastronomy, old traditional pubs and a very lively atmosphere. The aim of the proposal is to identify the streets that … Read more

Pedestrianize La Sagrada Familia neighborhood

What is La Sagrada Familia neigborhood? First of all, La Sagrada Familia cathedral is one of the most visited by tourists attractions in Spain. History of La Sagrada Familia Quartier. Urban design issue Initially, Antonio Gaudi, while in charge of designing La Sagrada, envisioned removing two inhabited blocks in front of the main facade of … Read more

Reclaiming the Street

The Sant Martí district of Barcelona includes the past and the future of the city, ??with ten neighborhoods that share a common link: an industrial past. Sant Martí was originally a large territory on the outskirts of Barcelona’s wall, and was hardly inhabited. It used to be marshes, swamps and lagoons belonging to the Besòs … Read more

growing sidewalks

Poblenou, Barcelona The project focused on a specific site in the district of Poblenou, which has been identified as the one who has the most problematic street conditions. Traffic accidents, asphalt, no liveability and no safety. “Growing sidewalks” proposes a design strategy to change this, projecting into the needs of the future. Site overview and … Read more