IAAC’s Master in City & Technology (1 or 2-year program) is a unique program oriented towards redefining the analysis, planning, and design of twenty-first-century cities and beyond. The program offers expertise in the design of digitally enhanced, ecological and human-centered urban environments by intersecting the disciplines of urbanism and data science. Taking place in Barcelona, the capital of urbanism, the Master in City & Technology is training the professionals that city administrations, governments, industries, and communities need, to transform the urban environment in the era of big data.


Smoking portrait of a city

The smoking process is tricky because people don’t seem to quit.. How highly is it integrated in our life? Or In a life of a city? May the city be our major tobacco dealer? Or it’s not that simple. Part 1 – Human relation Part 2 – City relation Common factors that can influence smoking rates … Read more

Mumbai Dabbawala

Do you nip out to get your lunch from your favourite café, or perhaps use the Uber Eats app to get your lunch delivered to your office? In India, lunch is a whole different ball game. It’s people-powered – made at home that morning and delivered straight to you, all absent of any technology in time. … Read more

Made With Love

The first Chinese immigrants took some essential spices in Chinese cuisine to the USA. But the sense of taste is so different from Chinese food to European food. For example, after a long journey from China to the USA, the spicy Kongbao Chicken was changed to a sweet and sour Zuo Zongtang Chicken, probably the … Read more

Digital space infrastructures

This is a short visual story about my personal digital space usage patterns and our need to be aware of our digital carbon footprint. Tracking my personal habits has revealed some shocking facts, which led towards reflecting on intangibility of the digital world, hopelessness in perceiving it as a hyper object and an urge to … Read more

Party to live or live to party?

a story about Spanish festivals Does it possible to party all year long from festival to festival throughout Spain? The story starts from the New Year holiday at the 1st of January For the better clusterisation we will use administrative division of Spain in autonomous communities (comunidades) and provinces. Each province of Spain has its … Read more


The project is an attempt to assess a correlation among the students who chose to pursue the course Master in City and Technology at the Institute of Advanced Architecture. The speculations for the investigation is carried out by collecting the information of the 13 students of the batch of 2022 in several realms to later … Read more

London’s Urban Micro-Facilities

A Story of a Beloved Design This is a story of a one-of-a-kind creation in history, the British Red Telephone Box, which soon after its implementation in 1921 became a symbol of british culture and identity, an inseparable part of the nation’s and, more specifically of London’s urban landscape. Successful designs can be timeless, resonating … Read more


An Exploration of the Epidemic of Femicide “How many more women must fall victims before we recognize that femicide is a real and pressing social problem that demands our attention? Despite its significance, many people are still unfamiliar with the term. Femicide is the ‘the intentional killing of a woman because of her gender‘. It … Read more

Pets in Barcelona

Pets in Barcelona

I introduce to you my family in Barcelona? Helena, Her daughter Lua, Monica & Roger, me, long hair Japanese,And  We have a Catalan young brother….. My Catalan young brother “Umi” ! I often see dogs around Barcelona,?But  I can’t see stray cats and dogs. In the city area. What population is the most animal pets … Read more

The Geography of Substance Use.

A Visual Story by: According to World Health Organization, 1/5 adolescents engage in some form of substance use. The Question of 100 School Phycologists: How planning could contribute towards the understanding of geographic patterns of substance use in order to distribute human resources all around the country? This visual story, seeks to explore the geographical … Read more

Stickers in Barcelona, el Gotico

Objective The objective of the project is to create a database of stickers located in the district of Gotico, Barcelona by collecting geolocated photos, analyzing & sorting them by machine learning and further research to then create a framework for evaluating and improving local economy, artists and political movements marketing strategies. Strategy By collecting geolocated … Read more