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Martian Blueprint: BIM for the Red Planet

As part of the studio project brief, we had chosen to look at the design of a mining facility on Mars. The proposal looked at a series of semi submerged, subterranean cliff dwellings that would be connected under the surface by a network of mines. The brief of the integrative modelling seminar would be to … Read more

MarSensate: Integrative Modelling

Marsensate is a project based on our Studio course where we explore designing on Mars in order to habit a Marsian colony. The primary goal of our colony was based around Sprituality, to provide a more human environment that appeal to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, genders, preferences, and we focused on the aspect that … Read more

BIM for Martians

Project Concept The project’s primary goal is to provide food for 50 Martian settlers using a plant-based diet. We defined the plants’ attributes and categorised them according to the different aspects of food production, oxygen, psychological and medical support, and radiation protection, all of which consider daylight requirements, farming methods, and human needs. . . … Read more

Integrative Ant Hill Colony

Our group project is Ant Hill Colony on Mars, which has both above/below ground elements and underground heart, tunnels and pods. The project concept derived from “learning from ant colony,” therefore, the geometry shapes were more organic and natural. Originally, we recreated this by starting with LiDAR technology to identify the soil characteristics, then applying … Read more

Alfafa Colony: Integrative Modelling

Project Concept Establishing a Martian food colony around a Mohole, designed based on growth morphology of alfalfa for efficient organization and development using L-systems. These terminologies are further explained below. Moholes Moholes on Mars are massive cylindrical excavations in the regolith, reaching up to 1 km in diameter and 7 km in depth. With temperatures … Read more

Integrative Modeling Strategy – Solis Centrum

Solis Centrum Overview Solis Centrum is a project for the BIMSC Studio class within the 2023/24 MaCAD program. This project aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community, a conceptual community on Mars located on the Valles Marines. By providing residential, recreational, and energy harvesting facilities, Solis Centrum can not only provide … Read more

EleMental Mars: Integrative Approach

As part of the studio project brief, Meditation and relaxation as well as habitational were the chosen programs for the Martian Colony to develop. The proposal resulted in 4 main central pavilions, which would generate an ascending path within them, and at the same time, serve as main placeholders for the modular habitational units, which … Read more

Mining MARS: Integrative Modelling

Introduction As part of our studio project, we have designed a Mars colony. The main purpose of this colony is the extraction of urgently needed raw materials in a kind of open pit mine. Taking into account the special conditions and protection needs on Mars (mini-metroites, radiation, sandstorms, atmosphere…) we decided to combine our base … Read more

Well-Nest: Integrative Modelling

Design Drivers – Martian Challenges – Adaptation  Slope terrain – Remodel terrain (mining and 3d printing) Designing the parts Layouts Parts Manufacturing – Materiality Project’s Parts and Issues for the Integrative modelling Workflow diagrams Designing the parts – Parametrization Steps Designing the parts Construction stages Designing the parts Under Construction Torus skin detail Designing the … Read more

Aggreculture: Integrative Modelling

Project Concept Aggreculture is a Mars colony architectural project focused on food production. The design concept is inspired by the way plant roots grow to find necessary nutrients within soil aggregate. Our project is unique in that it occupies a speculative Martian lava tube. By building in a lava tube, we use existing natural resources … Read more


Translating Point Clouds into BIM Geometry For the first settlers on Mars, we have envisioned a colony of Aqua-Miners with the primary task of harvesting water as a resource from the ice beneath Mars’ surface, storing it and recycling it for sustainable use. Our approach to this problem has been exceptionally data-driven. Our idea is … Read more