Marsensate is a project based on our Studio course where we explore designing on Mars in order to habit a Marsian colony. The primary goal of our colony was based around Sprituality, to provide a more human environment that appeal to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, genders, preferences, and we focused on the aspect that we all have in common, which are the senses. Having chosen a complex topic, we started our journey with AI images, trying to discover creation of spaces, that would stimulate a specific sense. We chose a subtractive method of excavating the ground in order to carve all our sense nodes within the Martian topography. This was to ensure that it would always be protected from the harsh martian environment such as the low temperatures, meteorites, radiation and sandstorms. The top of the sense nodes are above ground to achieve light and protected by 3D printed ice as well as 3D printed regolith panels.

To select the ideal location on Mars for this function, we chose to have a low value of slope, to facilitate the circulation between all the independent spaces of senses. As well as a location that would be visible from everywhere in the city of Aleph, within everyone’s perspective as the spiritual unit of the city.

Design Process

Our model in Speckle sent through Revit.

BIM Documentation