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Martian Aggreculture

The Martian Aggreculture project envisions a food production facility for the first colony on Mars. Our combinatorial modelling approach is data driven – flowing from the demands of the program and the realities of building on Mars into our aggregated architecture to provide a decentralized and resilient food production facility. Colonization at the Aggreculture site … Read more

Alfafa Colony: BIM & Smart Construction

Project Concept Establishing a Martian food colony around a Mohole, designed based on growth morphology of alfalfa for efficient organization and development using L-systems. These terminologies are further explained below. Moholes Moholes on Mars are massive cylindrical excavations in the regolith, reaching up to 1 km in diameter and 7 km in depth. With temperatures … Read more

Timber Lattice System – A Tale of Cairo’s Rooftops

This research aims to explore the application of timber lattice systems on roofs in Cairo, Egypt. Before delving into the project itself, a thorough review of relevant references was essential for a better understanding of the system. The building analyzed was the Sunny Hills Cake Shop, designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. Characterized by a … Read more

Timber Showroom in Trento, IT

Timber Showroom in Trento The Project investigates generative design approaches for optimizing timber construction Systems on both The Support’s level (Tree structure that distributes puncture forces and achieves wider spans) and the Slab’s level (generative Timber Slab reinforcement that follows the Principle Moment Lines generated from FE simulations on pre-given Supports). The objective of the … Read more

Hygroscopic Vaults

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural innovation, the exploration of materials and construction techniques plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable and efficient structures. This presentation delves into the fascinating realm of hygroscopic vaults, examining the transformative potential of wood in response to varying moisture content. Through an in-depth analysis of the hygroscopic behavior of … Read more

Frihamns Navet Port HUB. Multilevel Timber-skeletons… at work 

This project, approached as a demonstrative project, was elaborated by Group 8, Anna Irene Del Monaco and Athanasios Vagias and worked on multilevel Timber structure.  We started investigating precedents on timber skeleton structure. Our initial interest fell on the Maggie’s center by Foster and partners for the masterful creation of a refined structural node in … Read more

Timber Ruled Surfaces – Architectural System

?The architectural system of the project is derived from two precedents; first, the Temple of Light in Canada, from Patkau Architects, which uses a series of identical ruled surfaces in a polar array. Next, the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines from Integrated Design Associates, which also uses identical ruled surface modules, in a … Read more

Timber Gridshell – Pattern based analysis

The focus of the project is to develop a new school for the city of Manchester. Much of the recent construction boom in the city has focused on high-cost luxury accommodation, leaving a gap in the provision of essential community amenities. Our proposal aims to address social concern by advocating for the establishment of a … Read more

Tree-Shaped Timber Structural System

Architectural Concept Located in the northern part of Italy in Trento, famous for timber construction, our site is perched atop a cliff at the city’s highest point. We initiated our project by focusing on tree construction, leveraging the terrain to our advantage. Structural Design Explorations In our quest for the optimal structural form, we explored … Read more

???Bamboo bundle – Structural Analysis & Optimisation

Introduction Nestled in the heart of Quito, Ecuador, this architectural Ecuador seeks to harness the sustainability and versatility of bamboo to create an innovative 2700 m² educational space. Encompassing vibrant classrooms, communal areas, and serene green spaces, the structure is both a sanctuary of knowledge and a beacon of ecological design. It invites students and … Read more

Kagome Timber Lattice – Structural Analysis

Introduction The site we are investigating is an abandoned Railway Network Factory and is located at the next to Makkasan Airport Link Station in Bangkok, Thailand. Initited as part of studio, we are looking at utilising a timber lattice structure to host programmes (i.e open market, civic gathering area) within the spaces as a cultural … Read more

Minimal Surface Timber Gridshell – Structural Analysis

In the dynamic field of structural design, efficiency has emerged as a central theme driving innovative solutions. Our recent venture in the structural design and optimization seminar delves into the intriguing concept of minimal surfaces applied to timber gridshell structures. But what exactly do we mean by minimal surfaces? Defined as shapes that require the … Read more

Segmental Timber Panel Shell Structural Analysis

Tahsis BC Canada Our project is located in Tahsis, BC a former timber milling town that has become dilapidated since the closure of the sawmill in 2001, with a population decline of 90%. We aim to reinvigorate the town by providing access for tourism, attracted by the wildlife that has returned to the inlet since … Read more

Modular Bamboo – Massing Structural Analysis

Introduction Bamboo is considered one of the oldest materials used in construction, it has been widely used throughout history by many civilizations. Naturally growing in tropical regions such as South America, Asia and Africa. In this proposal, we explore the potential of utilizing bamboo in a modular manner to create a social housing in the … Read more

Hygroscopic Timber Vaults

Our project is an artisan market within a cultural centre in Srinagar, India. In our initial analysis of hygroscopic timber, we identified key factors influencing its behaviour. The bilayer structure, consisting of an active and a passive layer, allows panels to deform in response to moisture content changes. We also found a third locking layer … Read more

Cats & Books

From WFC to Graph ML WFC is an algorithm by Maxim Gumin using tile-based stochastic (random) aggregation. One of the most well known uses of WFC is the game Townscraper by Oskar Stalberg which is an indie town-builder game with 320k downloads. Lectures from Oskar Stalberg as well as YouTube videos form DV Gen are … Read more

Martian Playground // Studio

Design Brief and Scope The purpose of this project is to design a colony on Mars to sustain life for 50 people with the possibility to expand to 300 people over time.  This specific projects revolves around the specific function of recreation. Site Detection and Analysis ChatGPT 3 is used to create a relative grading … Read more

Extended Reality (XR) for Fabrication and Assembly

Link to Podcast Link to Transcript Extended Reality (XR) alters between R, VR, AR, and MR as required. It can be visualized through immersive goggles or any phone or tablet. Used by engineers and contractors for simple clash detection and checking on-site inventory, but there is also a new opportunity for architects to control advanced … Read more

Peaceful parasites

Historical data Peaceful parasites is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and addresses the urban scars created by the recent troubles. Deep rooted segregation has generated detrimental urban divides and this project aims to solve this problem. Historically, the troubles started in 1969 and subsides to some degree in 1998 with the ¨good friday agreement¨. 2023 … Read more

Car-Free Mixed Use Development – Structural Design

Design Objective The project is located in Dallas, Texas which is the largest growing metropolitan region in the United States. We are proposing a residential and commercial development which will promote car-free living through its mixed use program. Design Solution The proposed solution is set on a 3m x 3m x 3m grid system for … Read more

Climate Canopy – Timber Grid Shell

Structural analysis and optimisation Our project is a timber grid shell which forms a roof canopy covering an underground train station in Sydney, Australia. The shell acts as a climatic roof providing shade and creating a cool public square below. The timber shell forms funnel columns that land in the station below the public square, … Read more


INTRODUCTION Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city: from a regional trade capital for the past centuries, the city is nowadays the most impoverished of Lebanon and on the Mediterranean. The city has been scared by the violent clashes and conflict over the past 40 years and is confronted … Read more