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Red Horizon Resources

The brief for the BIM & Smart Construction studio module tasked us with developing an outpost on Mars whilst collaborating with the wider cohort to eventually develop a colony. We were given a number of potential directives to choose from, of which we chose to look at mining and accommodation. One of the first tasks … Read more

Subterranean Eden: Martian Harvest Halls

“An innovative way for agriculture on Mars, pushing boundaries of space exploration ensuring future interplanetary habitation.” Mars—the Red Planet—is getting closer. According to the experts, human settlements on Mars might be visible in ten years, allowing for more space exploration. Keeping that in mind, this semester’s goal is to create a 300-person Mars colony. The … Read more

MarSensate: Feeling Human in Space

Project Concept In Marsensate we explore designing on Mars in order to habit a Marsian colony. The primary goal of our colony was based around Sprituality, to provide a more human environment that appeal to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, genders, preferences, and we focused on the aspect that we all have in common, which … Read more

Mars Ant Colony

Concept Our approach for the project was focused on the spiritual aspect of life on mars. We wanted to explore what does spirituality mean beyond survival for the individual, the group, the collective and beyond..? We started by the site selection. By positioning our project on a relatively flat portion of the designated construction region, … Read more

Martian Aggreculture

The Martian Aggreculture project envisions a food production facility for the first colony on Mars. Our combinatorial modelling approach is data driven – flowing from the demands of the program and the realities of building on Mars into our aggregated architecture to provide a decentralized and resilient food production facility. Colonization at the Aggreculture site … Read more

Solis Centrum – the Sun Center of Aleph City

Project Brief Solis Centrum is a project for the BIMSC Studio class within the 2023/24 MaCAD program. This project aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community, a conceptual community on Mars located on the Valles Marines. Mission Statement Solis Centrum aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community. … Read more

Alfafa Colony: BIM & Smart Construction

Project Concept Establishing a Martian food colony around a Mohole, designed based on growth morphology of alfalfa for efficient organization and development using L-systems. These terminologies are further explained below. Moholes Moholes on Mars are massive cylindrical excavations in the regolith, reaching up to 1 km in diameter and 7 km in depth. With temperatures … Read more

Cosmos Cultivated

Building Agricultural Abundance on Mars The Mars underground sanctuary residential complex envelops vertical farming beneath its protective skin and 3D-printed wall system, where sunlight delicately filters through, embracing the celestial surroundings and meticulously crafting a breathtaking habitat on the Martian surface. 01_design concept & reference The initial endeavor aimed to pioneer the voxel settlement concept, … Read more


Inhabiting Ice Cavities under the Martian Surface Introduction – The Idea For the first settlers on Mars, we have envisioned a colony of Aqua-Miners with the primary task of harvesting water as a resource from the ice beneath Mars’ surface, storing it and recycling it for sustainable use. Our approach to this problem has been … Read more

EleMental Mars

Embracing community living and relaxation as essential components to overcome the challenges of life on the Red Planet. In the prospective colonization of Mars, Meditation and Wellbeing were identified as key elements to endure life far from Earth. During the research, the concept of the Japanese Pagoda, a vertical structure that encompasses the five elements … Read more


Sculpting on Mars Martian Environment – Human Habitat – Water Production “Well-Nest” is a Mars colony primarily dedicated to water mining and accommodation.We advocate for the development of a comprehensive system aimed at extracting, storing, and circulating water throughout the colony. Low Terrain Slope; Min Risk of Excavation Challenge; Expose to Solar radiation – Gaining … Read more