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Merging with the nature

Concept For the final exercise in complex forming we were asked to developed a museum for wildlife by using one of the concepts introduced during the 1st term. We choose to work with VOXELISATON. Methodological Approach to Design and Form-Finding Our project commenced with a systematic approach, encompassing several critical stages: Pseudo Code – Structural … Read more

EleMental Mars

Embracing community living and relaxation as essential components to overcome the challenges of life on the Red Planet. In the prospective colonization of Mars, Meditation and Wellbeing were identified as key elements to endure life far from Earth. During the research, the concept of the Japanese Pagoda, a vertical structure that encompasses the five elements … Read more


Sculpting on Mars Martian Environment – Human Habitat – Water Production “Well-Nest” is a Mars colony primarily dedicated to water mining and accommodation.We advocate for the development of a comprehensive system aimed at extracting, storing, and circulating water throughout the colony. Low Terrain Slope; Min Risk of Excavation Challenge; Expose to Solar radiation – Gaining … Read more

Integrative Modeling Strategy – Solis Centrum

Solis Centrum Overview Solis Centrum is a project for the BIMSC Studio class within the 2023/24 MaCAD program. This project aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community, a conceptual community on Mars located on the Valles Marines. By providing residential, recreational, and energy harvesting facilities, Solis Centrum can not only provide … Read more

Drop by Drop – Simulate erosion

Introduction Fascinated by the formation of landscapes through geological processes, I wanted to develop an interactive tool that simulates the effects of erosion on a virtual terrain. The goal was to both illustrate how erosion works and to create an experimental playground for designing one’s own landscape forms. The development utilized VUE, ThreeJS, and Rhino.Compute. … Read more

Planter by Libny Pacheco

The Pains of Being a Computational Designer and Having Landscape Design Colleagues Planter came about as a response to my landscape architect colleagues. Seeing them working bidimensionally and having a 3D model typically disassociated from those 2D drawings pains me. In a world of data, why not quantify the consequences of plant choices in a … Read more

Urban Impact Analyzer

In the dynamic landscape of urbanization, migration towards cities is an undeniable trend. With this migration comes a myriad of challenges, notably the exponential rise in land costs and the often haphazard nature of urban development. As cities expand, there’s a pressing need for thoughtful and strategic construction that not only addresses the demands of … Read more

Wildlife Museum – an Architectural Cocoon

Spanning across an expansive natural sanctuary in Pozzuoli, Italy, the site for our study was equally challenging and interesting. The valley-like topography was crowned by a lake in the middle. The programme of imagining a wildlife museum at this site prompted us to think outside the box, to incur minimum impact on the site while … Read more

Formfinding for Wildlife museum

The concept basically underlines the spatial arrangement of the museum. The path starts from the narrow entrance, leads to the main exhibition place with wide surface area and multifloor level. Further, the exhibition space has a large opening which faces the whole structure. The computational flow starts from assigning a polyline which illustrates the flow. … Read more

Voxelization via Truncated Tetrahedrons

The design concept is born from the path of exploration, which starts at the terrain, fluctuates on the site and lake, and ends at the terrain again. Along the path, the program nodes act as attractor points to the path, and allow the user the explore the nature. The program starts with the entrance, auditorium, … Read more

Ascending Gallery

Ascending Gallery is a Wildlife conservation Museum to raise awareness about wild animal species extinction. This project is a dedicated exploration of mathematical surfaces within architecture, emphasizing their integration into natural landscapes. Set in the beautiful natural setting in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy that served as a profound inspiration, the project delves into the intricate geometry … Read more

Singapore Twist Tower

Climate Analysis and Design Optimisation Our project site is Singapore which is located in Southeast Asia. We chose Marina Bay area as our project site. The climate in Singapore is generally hot and humid as shown in the climate analysis below. From the sun path, the sun travels directly overhead throughout the year with high … Read more

Reversing Ecosystem Degradation

MaCAD 23/24 // ACESD Theory Existing State of Urban Design In order to understand how to strive for successful ecological design practices, designers must first understand the problems that currently exist in the process of urban design. The current state of design tends to create distinct enclosures between both natural ecosystems and humans, with the … Read more

Wildlife Corridors

Our project focuses on modeling and predicting habitat fragmentation avoidance mechanisms using graphs. We investigate wildlife corridors in Australia, leveraging graph-based approaches to create coherent passages and connect forest areas. By analyzing satellite images, road data, and other metrics, we construct and evaluate graph models that incorporate forest containment, node characteristics, and connectivity. Our goal … Read more


Insightful Predictions for Your City’s Future. The purpose of Foresight is to leverage the capabilities of machine learning to anticipate the potential effects of novel urban infrastructure on the city’s fabric and the value of city blocks. Foresight aims to serve as a preliminary design tool, with the ability to swiftly process vast amounts of … Read more

Wildlife Museum

life Through a morphological analysis, the site vividly portrayed its lines, structure and life giving me a clear direction of how i can delicately land on it with a sustainable life museum. The existing context made me aware that the structure should occupy a minimal area on ground level in order to preserve exisiting natural … Read more

Mars Medical Center

Introduction For the BIMSC studio project, the class designed a human colony initially capable of accommodating 50 inhabitants, with the potential to expand to 300 inhabitants. Working together, the class settled on the Jezero Crater as the site for the colony and developed a masterplan consisting of thirteen distinct zones. Each group selected one zone … Read more

From Roots to Branches and Leaves

The name of the project is “from root to leaves and breanch”. The main concept is based on the idea to create a higth walkaway museum that have an internal space and an external part  where you can observe the nature from an higher point of view compared to the normal view. To give at … Read more


Synergism is the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations, agents, or groups of people to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their own. After analyzing how the city of Damascus has evolved over time, we saw how the city started slowly growing away from the Eastern inhabitable agricultural lands closer … Read more


SITE ANALYSIS l TRIPOLI Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city: from a regional trade capital for the past centuries, the city is nowadays the most impoverished of Lebanon and on the Mediterranean. The city has been scared by the violent clashes and conflict over the past 40 years … Read more

Environmental Responsive School

Introduction  As my final submission, I decided to create an environmental school in response to the urban environment. A project that harnesses the mass of the building in a way to enhance spaces for a variety of purposes is the idea behind the design.  As a starting point for architectural massing, very basic elements are … Read more

An Ode to Air

Keep the water out! It seems as though this is the first shard of wisdom one is exposed to when studying Architecture. I remember coming across this motto of sorts for the first time in a class on detailing; my professor seemed almost obsessed by the presence of water and its surreptitious ability to undo … Read more