The project reflects on how people in ancient times defined natural and weather phenomena. The proposal is to create an open public space – Inspired by the concept of an ancient sanctuary with places that used to be built for worship and predictions of weather conditions, the Meteo Sanctum consists of digital indicators that allow visitors to witness weather data without any prayers. The objects of the complex showcase real-time weather data, which is fulfilled in the spiritual form of ancient symbols.

Site Development

The various zones in the site is distributed on the site and developed using the magnetic vector fields. The exploration of this tool in grasshopper is done varying the intensity of strength, radius, slider number and the intensity of decay. On several iterations, the below composition of distribution of islands that can accommodate the display units of weather data is made.

Design Development

We are used to seeing the date and time in figures every day, and consider the symbols and ornaments of ancient patterns primitive. However, programmed with the help of those same figures, we get similar ancient patterns. This project helps to understand that people from ancient times and today perform the same computational design for the same predictions, just in a different visualization.