The Master in City & Technology’s academic structure is based on IAAC’s innovative, learn-by-doing and design-through-research methodology which focuses on the development of interdisciplinary skills. During the Master in City & Technology students will have the opportunity to be part of a highly international group, including faculty members, researchers, and lecturers, in which they are encouraged to develop collective decision-making processes and materialize their project ideas.

Flight Paths in Python

The world is in constant flux, domestic and international flights play a role in the fast paced travel that has become a normality. This project was conducted with python script in Jupyter notebook, to map out the airports and routes on our planet. PYTHON SCRIPT: import pandas as pd ports = pd.read_csv(“pathtoports.csv”)print(ports)from shapely.geometryimport Pointimport geopandas … Read more

Monotony or Variety in the 15 Minute City

1. Abstract While studying about phenomenology and livability, it’s expression and its governing aspects, it is essential to recognise the true meaning of it. Phenomenology is reffered to the lived experience of objects, space and other surroundings. It is also important to understand the how, when and where of the experiences and what experiences are … Read more


Why do cops love donuts? It’s not just a stereotype; it’s a doughlicious partnership! Late-night stakeouts meet sugary delights – the real crime is resisting those sprinkles! ????? METHODOLOGY Overlapping data and creating buffers to identify other layers of information to inform the system back again trying to prove the stereotype of media trope of … Read more

Rethinking the Mekedatu Dam Project

The Cauvery basin is not just a river; it’s an intricate ecosystem that supports diverse flora and fauna and sustains the livelihoods of farmers in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Our hypothesis posits that the proposed Mekedatu dam, far from being a panacea, is an unnecessary venture that could further destabilize this delicate balance. The … Read more

Greece’s Wildfires: Nature’s Fury or Human Ignition?

Introduction Greece’s scorching summers and dry climate create a perfect storm for wildfires. These fires cause widespread devastation, burning homes and harming ecosystems, with tragic consequences like loss of life. While the climate undoubtedly sets the stage, many in Greece believe human activity is the real culprit. Accidental fires from carelessness or deliberate acts of … Read more

‘Too Hot to Handle’

Miami cannot pay for its affordable housing without additional funding. Since 2020, the market has been scorching hot – with average rent rising at quadruple the pace of median income (Zillow, U.S. Census). New opportunities at the federal, state, and local levels will open budget to spend. But, conflicting federal and state geographies of interest … Read more

Gates in the Street

Looking for a correlation between the presence of closed condominiums in Bogota and Crime Rate “In Bogotá, one third of households live in gated communities. This phenomenon is a misleading application of the model idealized by the post-war urbanized American suburbs where an ideal, safe, happy, perfect life was idealized. A life where mobility prioritizes … Read more

Pykémon: Gotta catch ’em all!

Introduction Pokémon GO, the groundbreaking augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, has revolutionized the gaming industry since its launch in 2016. With millions of players worldwide, the game transcends traditional gaming boundaries by integrating virtual creatures known as Pokémon into real-world environments. As players explore their surroundings, they encounter Pokémon spawns in various locations, … Read more

Unequal Blooms: Studying socioeconomic realities of Medellín’s “Eternal Spring”

Introduction In recent decades, the importance of urban green spaces and their potential impact on various aspects of urban life has gained significant attention from policymakers, urban planners, and researchers worldwide. The creation and maintenance of green spaces within urban environments have been associated with numerous benefits, including environmental sustainability, physical and mental health improvements, … Read more