ShadeHaven_NOVA, an architectural marvel, stands as a pavilion designed with the noble intention of inspiring individuals to leisurely sit and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring presence of the Barcelona Cathedral and the rich cultural tapestry enveloping its surroundings.

Nestled within the historical expanse of Plaça Nova, at the core of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, this visionary structure seamlessly integrates with its storied backdrop.

Surrounded by a bustling convergence of historic buildings, vibrant shops, and cultural hubs, the pavilion emerges not only as a sanctuary of shade and tranquility but as a harmonious invitation for visitors to pause, reflect, and appreciate the majestic allure of the Barcelona Cathedral and its cultural milieu.

Plaça Nova

Barcelona Cathedral
Design inspiration drawn from the Entrance door
View from the steps of the cathedral
Visiting Office for the Cathedral

Understanding the Space

In conceiving ShadeHaven_NOVA’s design, our objective was to craft a horizontal expanse, defined by a rectangular bounding box. Within this framework, we infused a playful interactive element, seamlessly integrating dominant surrounding design elements for pavilion harmony.

Form Reference

Strange Attractor

Strange Attractors are plots of relatively simple formulas. They are created by repeating (or iterating) a formula over and over again and using the results at each iteration to plot a point. The result of each iteration is fed back into the equation. After millions of points have been plotted fractal structures appear. The repeated points fall within a basin of attraction (they are attracted to the points that make up these shapes).

Explored Attractor : Clifford Attractor


Type A : 

xn+1 = sin(a yn) + c cos(a xn)

yn+1 = sin(b xn) + d cos(b yn)

where a, b, c, d are floating point values between -3 and +3

x and y both start at 0.1

Clifford Attractor :
a = -1.7, b = 1.3, c = -0.1, d = -1.2

Parameters of Design

Elements to built the form :

As the pavilion is situated in front of the cathedral, a prominent architectural structure, we aimed to draw inspiration from contemporary Gothic architectural elements in the design of the pavilion.

The Pavilion seamlessly blends historical elegance with a contemporary twist. Adorned with Gothic arches, intricate floral motifs, and reaching pinnacles, it offers a serene respite for contemplation. The rooftop, inspired by “Money Heist,” playfully features 1 euro coins, creating a dynamic spectacle. Named for its role as a haven beneath the shadows, Shade Haven Nova is a cultural oasis inviting locals and visitors alike to unwind amidst the cathedral’s historical embrace, fostering a connection to Barcelona’s vibrant past while injecting a touch of contemporary joy and entertainment.

Pseudo Code

Form Development


Plan View
Front Elevation
Perspective View

Design Iterations

Type B

Clifford Attractor :  
a = -1.4, b = 1.6, c = 1.0, d = 0.7

Type C : 

Clifford Attractor :
a = 1.7, b = 1.7, c = 0.6, d = 1.2

Type D : 

Clifford Attractor :
a = 1.5, b = -1.8, c = 1.6, d = 0.9

Final Renders