‘Corkoon’ is a design proposal by a group of six students from MAEBB 2022-23 for the final thesis design of a Mobile home. The project aims to cater to the materiality aspects of a mobile home which we try to achieve by bio-mimicking the principles of a caterpillar in its chrysalis where it goes on a total transforming journey to become and grow into something new. The warmth and a sense of comfort are needed when someone is using a mobile home in different contexts and a cocoon in the middle of everything strives to provide that sense of home.

Observing and decoding nature (Cocoon) for inspiration

The conceptualization of the cocoon to transform it into a shelter for two people led us to form finding and find an optimized form that is built on a small trailer. We started experimenting with bubbles and understanding their behavior when various bubbles merge and react to each other. For the mobile tiny home, space optimization is a major goal, and organizing the various activities is a task that was done by taking the bubbles as the activity bubbles, whose sizes are directed by the volumes of the space required by certain activities. The experiment led us in a direction where we worked with metaballs and the grasshopper plugin, Cocoon, and Weaverbird, on which we worked with a method to find the most optimized form according to the activity centers that were the nodal points. To go through the design process, watch the whole Conceptualization of Corkoon here.

Mind mapping to bridge concept to reality
Cork production: Spain and neighbours are major producers
Understanding the abilities of cork as a material
Form derivation to understand layering or carving out the cork to make our corkoon
The form derivation process using Grasshopper: Cocoon and metaball
The tessellated envelope is made out of wooden off-cut pieces, which acts as the rigid exterior juxtaposing the organic cocoon interiors
Stage Fragmentation
Plan (cut at 1m ht. from Flr Lvl)
Activity Overlap planning
Section through the common area
Section showing activities
Lateral section shows the levels and form
The construction assembly of the Mobile home
The render showing the proposed wooden frames structure composed of CNC-cut cork walls and inbuilt carved-out furniture
The interior view of the Mobile home

CORKOON; The design comes back to the concept of a cocoon, a caterpillar growing into something new and the cocoon protecting it on this journey.