The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Kniphofia Community Amphitheater

Manifesto “ This proposal aims to envision and promote the establishment of inclusive public spaces in these densely inhabited regions where leisure opportunities are presently limited in Cape Town, our proposition strives to embrace and empower these marginalized communities, cultivating a sense of belonging and furnishing public spaces for recreation and social cohesion.” Location Territorial … Read more

The Cultural Canvas

An art and community center designed to foster artistic and cultural activities in a community, through a geometrically evolved design that integrates with the surrounding environment. It serves as a hub for creative expression, social and cultural exchange, providing space for exhibitions, performances, workshops, and community events. The center’s architecture combines functionality with artistic expression, creating a space … Read more

Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam

Vietnamese Vernacular Architecture Case Study 01 – Jackfruit Village Resort by 1+1 > 2 Case Study 02 – Diamond Island Community Center by VTN Architects Composition Exercise Projection Methods Exploration Pattern Analysis Grid Logic: Superposition of patterns Pattern 01 Pattern 02 Pattern 3 Compiled Grid Catalogue Selected Iteration Development Robotically Fabricated Test Voussoir Robotically Fabricated … Read more


/VAR-MÁR-LAUG/ Noun The Icelandic word that  translates to a “Warm Spring Pool” INTRODUCING REYKJAVIK Iceland, located in a climatically critical part of the North Atlantic, is an island where earth, air, fire and ice literary meet, and its environs are a key region of ocean–atmosphere interaction, atmospheric dynamics and cyclogenesis. Reykjavík is located in the … Read more