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This project repurposes live-edge wood waste for shingle facade elements, enabling diverse spatial configurations. The goal is a flexible system accommodating varied thickness, length, and geometry of live-edge wood waste. Advanced robotic fabrication and scanning ensure adaptability in design. The focus is on an easily constructed, flexible system utilizing scanning to match live-edge wood, resulting … Read more


MASTER IN ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE ROBOTIC WOODCRAFT FACULTY:  Alexandre Dubor, Marielena Papandreou, Huanyu Li STUDENT: Praneeth Aashwinay Basavraju, Anish Hatekar, Bora Cobanoglu, Sunny Manish Chopda

Crafted Configurations

Framework In the year 2018, 28 European Union countries produced 50.2 million tons of wood waste. Unveiling the specifics, timber waste constitutes a substantial 20-30% of the total Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) stream. 10-15% of the timber used in new construction projects finds its way into the waste stream, contributing to the concerning statistic … Read more