The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


“Finding Towers”

This project aims to optimize the design of a multi-tower building by balancing the objectives of minimizing solar radiation exposure and maximizing facade area. Utilizing the computational design tools Ladybug, and Galapagos, it systematically explore various geometric configurations to achieve an energy-efficient and comfortable building design suited for a Mediterranean climate.

Optimization Tree Branching Fractals within Structure

Fractals are commonly found within nature. They are self-similar structures, where one aspect of the fractile is identical to the rest. This allows it to be scaled up or down while fitting within itself. Within trees, fractalization is found in the way the branches are grown from each other, always yielding smaller and smaller versions … Read more

Optimizing Spirals in Architecture

From the fibonacci natural behaviour to spiral buildings Last term I simulated the pattern of hurricanes in terms of the fibonacci sequence… …This term I want to find architectural examples that follow the have a spiral design pattern and study the parameters and performance criteria


Through a meticulous analysis of data extracted from the site and a comprehensive understanding of Barcelona’s climatic conditions, our visionary project sets its sights on the future, envisioning Barcelona in the year 2050 as a harmonious blend of urban living and natural serenity. At the heart of our exploration lies the theme of urban forestry, … Read more


The golden ratio is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing and harmonious proportion, found throughout nature. When observed within the context of a spiral, this ratio repeats itself, serving as an efficient way to distribute objects around a central element, maximizing the number of elements while maintaining equal spacing and minimizing wasted space. IDEA Designing a … Read more

Quartz growth

Crystallization. What is it? Crystallization is a process in which a solid material forms from a liquid or gas phase, resulting in the arrangement of atoms or molecules in a highly ordered, three-dimensional structure known as a crystal lattice. This process is driven by changes in temperature, pressure, or the concentration of solute in a … Read more

Exploring the golden ratio in Sunflower Seed Distribution

This project as titled explores the golden ratio phenomena, specifically within sunflower seeds growth and how different variants are suboptimal for sunflowers. INTRODUCTION “The seed heads of sunflowers optimize the packing of seeds by growing florets in a spiraling pattern connected to the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence”. Ask Nature.  In nature, the growth patterns … Read more


Fluid dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that studies the motion and behavior of fluids, which include liquids and gases. It focuses on understanding how fluids respond to different forces, pressures, and environmental conditions. This field is fundamental to various scientific and engineering applications, ranging from the study of natural phenomena like atmospheric and … Read more


SMOKE is a simple exploration of a plume of smoke rising from a camp fire. The project explores thermal turbulence and swarm behavior, with forces from mixing air acting on the particles found in smoke, dispersing them into the air. Deconstructing Natural Behavior: Smoke – Swarm Behavior Smoke is comprised of a collection of tiny … Read more

Simulating the hurricane movement following the Fibonacci Spiral Script – Exploration for 2D Animation Anemone Loop Animation Final Video with Animations

Mushroom Growth

computational design Natural phenomenon How mushrooms can growth? Spore Germination: It starts with a mushroom spore, which is like a tiny seed. When conditions are right (usually with moisture, warmth, and a suitable substrate), the spore germinates. Mycelium Formation: From the germinated spore, tiny threads called hyphae emerge. These hyphae grow and branch out, forming … Read more


Natural Behavior Simulation | Computation Design Level 1 Final | MAA01 – Term II – 2023/24 | Professors: Oana Taut and Lora Fahmy A visit to Cosmo Caixa Science Museum in Barcelona introduced me to the ferrofluid substance and its reaction to magnetic forces. I took this video on my visit, and it inspired the … Read more

Azerbaijan Pavilion (Dubai expo 2020)

The Pavilion- inspired by 2 major natural elements the tree and its organic branches as well as the leaf – was intended to serve a space of reflection on major issues concerning sustainable development. Its physical structure draws inspiration from a tree’s organic nature (both on a macro and micro scale). Pseudo Code Code Result

The Serpentine Pavilion 2016 by BIG

The Serpentine Pavilion is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). It was an ‘unzipped wall’ that was transformed from straight line to three-dimensional space, creating a dramatic structure that by day housed a café and free family activities and by night became a space for the Serpentine’s acclaimed Park Nights programme of performative works by … Read more

The Oman Pavilion

Oman Pavilion, nestled in the mobility district, commenced its construction journey in October 2019.. THE CONCEPT Cradled within the Mobility District, the Oman Pavilion embarked on its construction voyage in October 2019. Embracing the theme ‘Generations of Opportunity,’ the Pavilion encapsulates the narrative of Luban, Oman’s revered treasure, tracing its life cycle through compelling storytelling.” … Read more