The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Waves Genetic Optimization

The architectural project aims to create a captivating and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to explore thefascinating generation and interaction of waves. Inspired by the dynamic energy and graceful movement of water, the designfocuses on crafting a space that immerses visitors in the midst of a wave, offering them a truly unforgettable encounter. The … Read more

Erosion-Resistant Housing

A self-buring house that uses its inclined roof to deflect wind, control processes of erosion and increase accumulation of local sand particles. Through time, a covering sand dune affects the level of enclosure, transparency of the house and patterns of the shadows’ internal spaces. The aim of the project was to design a housing building to house between 20 and … Read more

Genetic Optimization: PerforaDen

00_ Project Manifesto Perfora Den is a unique shell structure located within Ranthambore National Park in India. Designed as a shelter for wildlife enthusiasts  and animals in the middle of the forest. This perforated brick structure harmonizes with its surroundings while neglecting disruption to the natural vegetation. This project optimizes the site’s topography, requiring minimal … Read more


Project agenda Project: TENSEGRI(CITY) Studio: RS.I X-Urban Design Achieve maximum use of space (solid volumes) at the same time providing open and efficiently insolated inner spaces inside the dense structure volume. Project: TENSEGRI(CITY) Studio: RS.I X-Urban Design Algorithm set up Optimisation Algorithm Process of fitness evaluation The fitness of each design solution is evaluated by … Read more


Manifesto This project is a development of a previous redesign of the Serpentine Pavilion 2017. It aims to use Wallacei to optimize the form of the pavilion to achieve maximum shading according to Ladybug. The design is divided into structure, roof and wall. The parameters are set to be the axes and openings of the … Read more

Genetic Optimization Towards Arches

MANIFEST: In this project, we are looking for a design procedure that employs Genetic Optimization through Galapagos as the driving force to achieve optimal dimensions in height, arc length and number of main blocks for Catenary Arches with three basic modules. Embracing Galapagos as our guiding light, we embark on an evolutionary journey, refining parameters, … Read more

Genetic Optimization- Pluvial Harvest

ASSIGNMENT INTRODUCTION The aim of the final assignment in the computational design seminar was to comprehend how various evolutionary solvers could be used in an architectural context in order to produce an optimized output. Using generative design tools like Galapapagos, Biomorpher and Wallacei, certain elements of a architectural project are to be experimented with respect … Read more


GENETIC OPTIMIZATION THROUGH COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN This work aimed to genetically optimize through computational design of a rainwater filtration tower. The tower is part of the design developed for the Digital Matter Studio. The group proposes to create a landscape structure that can collect and filter rainwater through chitosan, a bio-based material made from mussel shells … Read more

Form Follows Availability

Genetic Optimization: Assignment 3 The project aims to provide the most optimal solution to maximize the shading of this housing project. The algorithm reflects the process of natural selection where each individuals are selected for the reproduction in order to produce descendant of the next generation. Through the exploration of Ladybug and Galapagos, we can … Read more

Genetic Optimization: DIAS 365

Manifest A monolithic tower structure which is exposed to lightning and attracts their immense energy. The aim of the project is to harvest and invest their electric potential into a structure which will be sheltered and protected to allow visitors to live in. The skin of the building will be lightning-based: the high voltage discharges … Read more

Alambique – Genetic Optimization

MANIFEST Alambique is an innovative housing project that explores the experience and integration of heat and water systems. The design revolves around a central core, which serves as the structural support and houses the vertical pipes responsible for moving up hot vapor. Surrounding the core are the bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen, all constructed … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Aperture Building This project is based on a design that was developed in the Self-Sufficient Buildings studio.Main concerns: visibility of surrounding site and sun exposure.Using Grasshopper, we were able to optimize the structure’s placement on the site and shape in relation to visibility and solar radiation.Phase 1: SiteThe first objective was to optimize the structure’s … Read more

VOXELS – Genetic Optimization

The goal of this project was to create a city grid as a counter-plan to the man-made island that is the Lynetteholm proposal off the coast of Copenhagen. – We optimized our floating city to maximize solar radiation in Copenhagen’s dark winters. – We optimized public space so it can be a minimal, accessible distance away from … Read more

Genetic Optimisation- Pixel District

Abstract In the current era the “future” becomes an increasingly uncertain question. Huge projects are being built right now all over the world supported mainly on the interests of Real Estate speculation. This capitalist driven urban expansion relies on a specific typology: the Skyscraper. Simultaneously, the world population continues to increase, focusing on the urban. … Read more


SSB_Smallest Architecture_Heat MANIFEST BRIEF: A very small architectural intervention for one person, in the Balearic Archipelago. The function of this intervention is to be able to stay there for 24 hours (day/night), and 365 days (4 seasons)PHENOMENA: heatPROPOSAL: design a building, which use hot air and evaporative cooling to create a passive ventilation system PROJECT … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Project Manifesto The project explores three main topics that represent a global concern within the present times: growing population, climate crisis and food production. Following these concepts, the main intervention is based on designing a city of the future, located in the actual site of Copenhagen’s North Harbor. In the past 10 years, the population … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Genetic Optimization – Aquasun Oasis AquaSun Oasis is a continuation proposal for the digital matters research studio project which focuses on rainwater purification through biodegradable materials. The design of the form is based on rainwater collection and renewable solar energy while providing shade to the surroundings. The is to create a sustainable solution to conserve … Read more

Forces of Nature: Tensile Structure

CONCEPT The project aims to tensile structures that are architectural designs which use tension to provide structural support and stability, often characterized by their lightweight and flexible nature. These structures are used in a wide range of applications, from large-scale event venues to small-scale residential and commercial buildings. Frei Otto The research begins with a … Read more

Forces of Nature

Self-organized Structure 00 CONCEPT Nature chooses the most economical design, Form finding through an apparatus which settles into form according to the weights and forces and orientations it sets the desired model against gravity. The design is inspired by Frie otto. The word locally means that if we look in a small region around any … Read more


22/23 MAA01 program COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN G07 “FORCES OF NATURE” The “Forest Pavilion” has a computer generated form composed of multi pipes, where the parameters are based on form finding strategies of point collision (kangaroo parameters), these forms are then once again processed (through kangaroo) to create angularity and turned into strips for digital fabrication. STATE … Read more

Forces of Nature

This project explores the use of various physics simulations using Kangaroo in order to reach a structurally viable design proposal for the IaaC rooftop. The design relies on a combination of specific behaviors (below) that have been calibrated to achieve the desired form.

Forces of Nature

HYPERBOLIC PARABOLOID ROOF This research project in the field of architecture aims to investigate the application of physics simulations in the form-finding process of designing live-interactive installations using Kangaroo, located in IAAC’s rooftop. The design strategy is creating a simple geometry based on forces in compression and tension on different points. The pavilion’s sail-like plane … Read more