The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


CO2 Flakes

CO2 Flakes Planetary transformations caused by human activity lead to necessity of large scale interventions to protect us and surrounding environment. This work uses speculative approach to think of possible strategies to supplement our habitats with carbon capturing system. We propose to use low-tech hot air balloon technology to build a protective cloud over the … Read more


THE FUTURE OF PARKING In this one-term seminar of Decarbonise built environment the main goal was to develop carbon-capturing strategies and study how can we shift to renewable energies. In this particular project, Barcelona city was taken as a built environment, and based on that we developed urban planning strategies and parking design strategies. COSMOGRAM … Read more


Decarbonizing built environments: During this seminar, over the course of a few weeks, it was developed speculative approaches in built environments to minimize the carbon footprint of architectural spaces considering three main aspects: Employing effective carbon capture techniques, Shifting to renewable sources of energy, and Analyzing consumption habits. In this project, we aim to examine the … Read more