The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Digital Woodcraft

Location Site Synthesis of ideas Final proposal was based on the ideas of the group projects from previous semester. The task was to identify key elements of each design and combine them in project. Design proposal Fabrication Connection to the rocks Base beam and supports base beam base beam elements supports Sitting area Side beams … Read more


This project explores the relationship between raw wood and standard timber through active bending. A series of, 45x45x130mm, timber joint were developed in order to connect and actively bend raw wood sticks.Relying on both standardized and customized digital construction methods, the structure considers scalability, ease of install, and natural strengths and weaknesses of the material. … Read more

Digital woodcraft

Exploring the unique properties of timber and the fabrication methods associated with it, enabling us to work with complex geometries and find appropriate strategies to realize them. We started out looking at different situations to apply our geometry and potentially make a gapahuk (a building made of wooden materials, originally intended for emergency accommodation), forest … Read more

Timber Pergola

Exploring the Strength and Beauty of Wood Joinery The Timber Pergola project is a study of timber joineries, which explores the use of linear and square shapes with 90-degree angles in the horizontal direction and a 12-degree joint to create a tension structure in the vertical direction. The project is inspired by the Forests of … Read more

Possibilities of Reciprocal Timber Structures in the Formation of Space

Possibilities of Reciprocal Timber Structures in the Formation of Space is a project that aimed to explore the potential of using reciprocal timber structures to create innovative and functional spaces. The projects main goal is to leverage both traditional artisanal technologies and modern digital tools to create structures that combine beauty, functionality and sustainability. The … Read more