The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Where Lies the Silver Lining

How Has the Idea of the Panopticon Shaped Smart Cities Surveillance? ACT 1: Surveillance in the Shadows An early morning at the entrance to a building at the Line. It is the first day of setting up a security point, and the atmosphere is tense as the messages have been spread around inviting all the … Read more

A Dammed Conundrum

How to activate uncertainty as a design-tool? Credits Characters Maya- Architect Charlett- Daughter of Architect Alex- Engineer Oliver- Worker It is autumn in Sandouping. The leaves, unsure of their directions float on the edges of a large lake. The lake is shadowed by the construction work of a dam on one of its edges. On … Read more

Mumbai Soundscape

ACT 01 *end of september 2023 in bandra mumbai during ganesha charturthi, celebratory noises are all around. sounds of people, fireworks, music, animals are heard within close proximity of a popular patisserie along turner road, west of bandra in mumbai-india* *kantha bai- a 50 year old local and bitter woman, bothered by the noises from … Read more


What modes of activism does the Anthropocene unleash? ABSTRACT “Activism takes various forms: from Guendalina’s digital activism to Gail’s passionate protests, Stephen’s data-driven focus, and Patricia’s philosophical reflection. Each approach offers unique perspectives in the fight for social and environmental change.” CHARACTERS ??????? ?? ?[Philosopher] – Patricia??????????????[Influencer] – Guendalina???????????[Scientist] – Dr.Stephen Numb ???????????[Local] – José … Read more

Cloud Caravan

How to conceive the notion of domesticity in a digital nomad environment? ACT 1 Heading West, in an AI-driven caravan, Marcella, and Paul, accompanied by Paul’s feline friend, Buttercup – are setting off on a cross country road trip via a newly released air bnb ‘on wheels’. The vehicle slows for Lisa to board, the … Read more

Five Authors Walk into a Roman Bar

With multiple intelligences informing design, does the notion of the Author in Architecture become obsolete? ACT I Of Pen and Brick Fig 1. Castel Sant’Angelo from Il Ponte Sant’Angelo A towering fortress, a sentinel of time, that has borne witness to the rise and fall of emperors, astounding works of art, the whims of popes, … Read more

Colorful Parachutes

How to inhabit the ends of the world? ACT 1 After a fire in the Amazon Rainforest devastates a nearby town, a politician during his election campaign period travels to the site to show his support and comfort to those affected along with other prominent community members. POLITICIAN – Welcome everyone, I would like to … Read more

All-World Sorority

What planet do we design for? A sorority attempts to reinvigorate and redefine their principles, and how they live. They bring their words and energy to the platform of modern-day social media, but face “real-world interests” in their way. A play that investigates the perspectives of shaping lives with institutions, the voices that speak for … Read more