The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



By Frank Lloyd Wright Broadacre City, conceived by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 20th century, stands as a revolutionary urban development concept distinguished by its decentralized planning approach. At its core, each family is granted an acre of land, fostering a profound sense of self-sufficiency and individual autonomy. This visionary design emphasizes pedestrian-friendly … Read more


This project is a critique and an invitation to rethink how a future city like Lynetteholm can be thought. Rem Koolhaas coins the term BIGNESS in 1995 to describe a scale in which the project exceeds architecture itself and the conception of a single building. From this idea, we intend to radicalize the separation between … Read more


A city inside a building; The project articulates an extra-extra large architectural typology that extends beyond the conventional scale of a singular building and aims at becoming a self-enclosed urban form. Mobilizing Buckminster Fuller’s ‘tensegrity’ structural logic, this megastructure accommodates a complexassemblage of typologies, functions, and forms within its differentiated envelope-a geometrically and materially optimized … Read more


A Spreading Organism The project is an innovative scaffolding structure suspended over the water, connecting two banks in Copenhagen – Refen and Nordhavn. The central idea behind Neonostromo, a SF reference that emphasizes the building’s machinic, alien like nature, is to perceive a city as a living organism capable of expansion. The goal was to … Read more


This project seeks to radically challenge the Lynetteholm proposal that is underway on the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark. Going against the grain of theoriginal Lynetteholm proposal (an artificial island), this project displays the possibility of minimal impact instead of detrimental impact on the ocean-scape and lightness instead of the heaviness of a human-made island through … Read more


Waterpixels is a project challenging the traditional approach towards urban futures. It is a project located in Lynetteholm, Copenhagen. Taking into consideration the urban strategies and site analysis the project pertains to the current requirements of a storm barrier in Copenhagen. The following sheets show the process leading to the project. The followings sheets show … Read more

Beyond Verticality

An Exquisite Corpse Report on Urban Form ABSTRACT IntroductionWith our work in this term we produced a multitude of drawings and images, watched and analyzed multiple movies, read multiple texts and came up with iterations and speculations. The common through line of all of these was the exploration of the nature of beyond-vertical forms of … Read more

Post Skyscraper – Tower Deviations

A Speculative Catalogue of Programs, Structures, and Forms INTRODUCTION Abstract Skyscraper is a typology occured in specific conditions of capitalism that became a universal tool for urban development or a “large scale architectural machine” as Ciro Najle characterizes it in his The Generic Sublime text. But what are the mechanisms of this machine? Contemporary culture … Read more


A critical, speculative graphic essay in three steps Chapter 01: Critical Analysis A critical analysis of case studies through the lens of Kiel Moe’s ‘A Case for a More Literal Architecture.’ This project seeks to critically deconstruct the element of abstraction on an urban scale through an analysis of readings from Kiel Moe’s “A Case … Read more


In the field of architecture, verticality is often considered the ultimate achievement, the culmination of various attempts, experiments, conceptual speculations, and styles. Architects such as Yona friedman, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Cook have investigated this concept resulting in questionable outcomes. Our analysis explores their work, examining its pure geometry with speculative experimentation. This concept is exemplified … Read more