Metro impact on neighborhood vitality

Nowadays, almost every city has a metro network. But what does the presence of the metro or subway bring to the city’s fabric?What can be offered to calm the pace of the metro area or to maintain the dynamics of the city life functioning in non-metro area?   Project Key questions : ? What are the … Read more

Towards Urban Democratic Adaptation

Adaptation districts towards prioritized urban interventions  in cities with limited green spaces.  The case study of the metropolitan area of Athens, Greece Athens, during the four last decades, has been extremely urbanized while changing the environment dramatically. By reclassifying open spaces and networks of urban mobility, this model aims to suggest strategies for prioritized urban … Read more

Decarbonization of Housing Stock in EU

Buildings are an intrinsic part of our lives, where we spend most of our time and unfold as human beings. However, through its different forms, the built environment is responsible for the majority of our energy consumption (around 40 %) and a primary source of greenhouse emissions GHG (around 36 %) (Anderson et al., 2015).  … Read more


Framework The CoP-CITIES is put forward to foster the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders, from ‘traditional’ ones to urban communities. In combination with top-down approach to urban policy, co-creation gives citizens, local officials, researchers and the private sector an equal say in the decision-making process. Fundamentally, the CoP-CITIES aims to be instrumental for … Read more

RE:EDU: architecture for emergency

As a target country for  our project we selected Ukraine, the biggest European country that is located in the eastern part. Ukraine has 1000 years of history, during which it has been fighting for freedom and identity. In 2013 in Kyiv students started the protest, which evolved into the revolution of dignity, after the president … Read more


Perus, São Paulo Subprefeitura de Perus congrega los distritos de Perus y Anhanguera, en la Zona Norte de São Paulo, en los límites de la ciudad, como producto de sistemas que históricamente dirigen el crecimiento de la mancha urbana horizontal paulistana. Aproximaciones del território | lectura histórica Además, los acontecimientos en la cronología de Perus consolidan … Read more


Vista del área de estudio.

Los impactos del cambio climático cada vez muestran panoramas más críticos, principalmente con las ciudades costeras por el incremento del nivel medio del mar (sin descartar las otras afectaciones en otros territorios por las sequías). Este panorama hará que muchas zonas costeras requieran de una mayor (o real) sensibilización, estrategias e intervenciones para mitigar y … Read more

ASU 500 | Distrito de Innovación Cívica

En el año 2037 la ciudad de Asunción estará cumpliendo 500 años. Su lugar fundacional, el Centro Histórico, se encuentra en una situación de profundo abandono. El CHA (Centro Histórico de Asunción), viene atravesando un proceso de desploblación y de falta de inversión, que ocasionó una situación actual de profundo deterioro urbano, que genera inseguridad … Read more

City of Proximities: Public Markets in Madrid

Madrid Public Markets SystemThe toolkit for municipalities, food delivery platforms and local residents 1/ Overall PerspectiveA first overview of the city of Madrid, throughout its administrative districts, their socio-demographics variables, the location of 46 municipal markets and the proximity patterns between them. 2/ Markets Around the Clock To allow citizens to engage with the markets … Read more

Healthcare BCN

Understanding and analysing the existing Healthcare system of Barcelona with the help of open datasets available. This further helps us to understand the robustness, need and requirement to fill the gaps in the system if any with respect to their typologies and location as per districts Step 1: Documenting the distribution of different types of … Read more

A Parallel City for Pollinators

Introduction to Pollination The project attempts to study and research the possibilities of creating a green, three-dimensional corridor for pollinators in a specific area, the historical city center of Madrid, connecting Madrid’s most prominent green park “el Retiro” in the east to the “Casa de Campo” natural reserve in the west. In particular the proposal … Read more

Hidrología Inteligente

¿Como afectará el Cambio Climático al ciclo del agua? El mundo evoluciona a pasos acelerados, tanto en progreso tecnológico, como en presión por parte de la naturaleza. La agenda del cambio climático corre de manera inversa al avance de las ciudades, y se hace una necesidad prever los escenarios que estos traerán a los lugares … Read more

Open Nature | Font del Gos

Public spaces in the city of Barcelona play a vital role in the daily lives of its citizens. But often there is a clear boundary seen between the urban and the peri-urban forests of the city. The project approaches the site of Font Del Gos as a transitory space between the city of Barcelona and … Read more


THE FUTURE OF HEURA’S WORKSPACE THE GOAL of this project is to envision the future of HEURA FOODS workspace, considering existing technologies and climate change scenarios and using Barcelona’s historical building as a site for intervention. HEURA FOODS was founded in 2017 by Marc and Bernan in a co-working office in the center of Barcelona. … Read more

Light and the Nordic city

Around 60°N latitude, where several Nordic capitals—including Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki—are located, daylight plays a special role in the daily lives of their inhabitants. There is a large seasonal variation in daylight from  long summer days up to 19 hours of daylight to long dark winters with less than 6 hours. The opposite occurs in … Read more

The Seed

Montjuïc 41.361119  2.141984 Manifesto The project strives to oppose the pressing environmental and socio-economic issues of the neighborhood through civic participation and community-led activities. Furthermore, the project is planned to morph into an activity magnet that engages the community and works as an energy efficient module for sustainable ecosystems to replace the urban voids in … Read more

Potential of CO2 mitigation by hempcrete

Hemp industry is one fast-growing, environment-friendliest, and perspective branch of the World economy. The hemp market is driven by the growing demand for industrial hemp from application industries, such as the food & beverage, personal care, and animal care industries, across the globe. This infographics of hemp production is made in Grasshopper using imported geojson … Read more

Adaptive Support System: Retraction Control in Arched Vaults

Nader Akoum Architecture 3d Printing Earth

Support & scaffolding during consolidation of clay printing are quintessential to push the boundaries and capabilities of earthen architecture because, with said added support, opportunities for large spans, high arches, aggregated arches, and other structural phenomena arise. The options invented over time are diverse and, regardless of the used material, they can be very insightful … Read more

“Water Bodies towards crisis management”

Potential Conflicts related to flooding phenomena in highly urbanized and agricultural areas.

Almost every day, we are confronted with dramatic images of communities and environments incrisis . Flash floods have recently become one of Greece’s most common natural occurrencesafter wildfires. Flooding occurs due to rapid rainfall and heavy storms, from rising river levelsor melting snow.Deforestation, poor soil quality and rapid urbanization significantly contribute to the genesis of … Read more

Streets for People: La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. This old fishermen’s neighborhood forms an inseparable entity with the beach of the same name and is synonymous with a lot of charm, food gastronomy, old traditional pubs and a very lively atmosphere. The aim of the proposal is to identify the streets that … Read more