The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.


The exercise analyses Yelp reviews on restaurants and tries to investigate on how we can leverage the accuracy and the volume of the review information. The data structure then, is built up directly from the YELP web sites and associate the “review id” to a code that than has been analyzed though a RAG method…. and … Read more

Facade Gen AI

Our Generative AI seminar is dedicated to supporting our work at AIA studio, which focuses on sustainable design. Our task is to collaboratively generate a dataset of at least 800 facade images using generative AI techniques. This dataset will be an essential resource for us, enabling advanced research and development in sustainable architectural design and … Read more

Code – VIZ

We embarked on a fascinating journey through the latest advancements in Image Synthesis and Language Models within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. The course highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI, enabling architects, engineers, and designers to push the boundaries of traditional design processes, streamline workflows, and tackle complex challenges in groundbreaking ways. … Read more

Visual Culture Preservation for Peranakan Diaspora Utilising LoRA 

Introduction Joo Chiat’s shophouses in Singapore are emblematic of the country’s rich Peranakan heritage, blending architectural elements from Chinese, Malay, and European traditions.  Established in the 1920s and 1930s, these colorful and intricately decorated buildings are located in a conservation area that underscores both cultural preservation and modern adaptation.  Notable for their historical and aesthetic … Read more

FacAid + Chatbot

In a world where urban areas are predominantly developed and the heat island effect is intensifying, the construction industry significantly contributes to environmental challenges. Instead of focusing on tools that promote new construction, our goal is to provide a tool that analyzes existing buildings and suggests improvements. This approach aims to enhance sustainability and mitigate … Read more

ISO-COMFORT: A Generative AI Approach for Comfort in Sustainable Style

Blending Isometric Models with AI-Driven Design

GENERATIVE AI Abstract In today’s evolving architectural landscape, the convergence of technology and design offers unprecedented opportunities to enhance human well-being and promote sustainability. At the forefront of this innovation is ISO-COMFORT, a pioneering project that leverages Generative AI to create isometric models emphasizing thermal comfort and sustainable design. This blog post explores the development … Read more

LEGO Set: A Generative AI Approach

Abstract The project explores the implementation of machine learning models to generate LEGO building instructions manuals and providing a detailed description of the set. We employee diffusion models along with LLM (Large Language Model) to generate both the images of the Lego set and its description. LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) we train a stable diffusion model … Read more


A conversation in which Jane Jacobs and Rem Koolhaas try to get LeCorbusier to think differently about the city… or the opposite! The Challenge We used Conversable Agents and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to simulate a discussion between three influential architects: Jane Jacobs, Rem Koolhaas, and Le Corbusier. These theorists have shaped our understanding of the … Read more

Architecture Inspired Furniture

Artificial Inspiration – Dissecting the Creative Process Creativity is often viewed as a uniquely human trait, emerging from the processes of study, interpretation, replication, and mixing variables to create new combinations and results. This project explores whether it is possible to develop a framework based on these principles that AI can reproduce and whether this … Read more

Atmosphere and Lighting

An exploratory design process of spaces into atmospheric and phenomenological experiences through lighting design. The primary objectives of this project are to develop a robust generative AI workflow that can seamlessly integrate into the architectural design process, enhancing the atmospheric and phenomenological qualities of spaces through lighting design. This workflow aims to provide users with … Read more